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We offer Airtek control displays to help you monitor your buildings HVAC systems, so they run at optimum capacity. 

Do you need to monitor your heating and cooling system in your building remotely? Maybe you want a temperature sensor to check the status of the unit? Then our Airtek control displays are the answer. Our display systems provide remote access up to 1,200 meters away.

Mount your control display on a reception desk, managers desk, or mechanical switchboard for the building. That is the best part of the Airtek products; you can use them wherever you need them in the building.

All control displays include remote network access, so users can control the HVAC system through multiple devices.

Alternatively, you can use one device to control multiple screens if you need a point person to manage several systems at once.

The display even sends out alarm notification messages to the network, notifying users of any emergencies.

Furthermore, all our Airtek touchscreen control displays run on a BACnet operating system that conforms to MS/TP standards.

The system also has a calendar/scheduling system to keep you on top of your maintenance schedules. You also get reminders for any other procedures you need to perform to keep your HVAC system healthy. Our Airtek control displays even have a timer synchronization function to ensure the entire system coordinates the display’s together.

If you have multiple users, set up to 20 passwords with ten different levels to ensure you can monitor and control how new users manage the system.

Screen sizes range from 2.8 Inch NVT28U and NVT28U-H to the 7-inch NVT70P and NVT70PE

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