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View Details Belimo AFX24-MFT-X1 Valve Actuator | Spg Rtn | 24V | MFT  | Blackhawk Supply
$501.75 each
View Details Belimo AFRB24-SR Valve Actuator | Spg Rtn | 24V | Modulating  | Blackhawk Supply
$479.70 each
View Details Belimo AFRB24 Valve Actuator | Spg Rtn | 24V | On/Off  | Blackhawk Supply
$458.10 each
View Details Belimo AFB24-MFT-X1 Valve Actuator | Spring Return | 24V | MFT  | Blackhawk Supply
$391.50 each
View Details Belimo AFRX24-MFT-S Valve Actuator | Spg Rtn | 24V | MFT | SW  | Blackhawk Supply
$412.20 each
View Details Belimo AFRX24-MFT N4 Valve Actuator | Spg Rtn | 24V | MFT | NEMA 4  | Blackhawk Supply
$566.55 each
View Details Belimo AFB24-SR-X1 Valve Actuator | Spg Rtn | 24V | Modulating  | Blackhawk Supply
$826.20 each
View Details Belimo AFX24-MFT-S-X1 Valve Actuator | Spg Rtn | 24V | MFT | SW  | Blackhawk Supply
$434.70 each
View Details Belimo AFB24-MFT-S-X1 Spring Return | 180 in-lb | MFT | 24V  | Blackhawk Supply
$456.75 each
View Details Belimo AFRX24 Valve Actuator | Spg Rtn | 24V | On/Off  | Blackhawk Supply
$435.60 each


Optimize Your Valve Performance with Spring Return Actuators

Actuators are used to open and close valves to control the flow of various fluids and gases. Spring return in actuators is a built-in safety mechanism. They incorporate powerful springs that automatically return the valve to a predetermined safe position in the event of a power failure or control signal loss. For this they are often called fail-safe actuators.

Some systems require valves to return to a specific position to maintain safe or efficient operation. Spring return ensures this happens automatically if unexpected disruptions occur.

In systems that require precision and control, spring-actuated valves stand out for their robustness and reliability. These actuators are designed to ensure that, in the event of power failure, your system remains safe and operational by automatically returning the valve to a default position. At Blackhawk Supply, we offer a diverse range of spring return actuators suitable for a variety of applications, from HVAC systems to industrial processing plants.

How Does Spring Return Actually Work?

When the actuator receives a signal to move the valve, it compresses the internal spring. This spring stores energy, ready to return the valve to its original position. If power is lost or the control signal ceases, the spring decompresses, driving the valve back to its designated safe state.

Choosing the Right Spring Return Actuator

Spring return actuators are essential for safety and control in various applications. When choosing the appropriate actuator, you need to take into account control input and housing protection levels, to match the specific requirements of your operation. Whether it's for machinery, HVAC systems, or safety mechanisms, understanding these factors will guide you in making an informed decision.

Actuators by Control Input

Different control inputs cater to specific operational needs:

  • 0-135 Ohms: This resistive input range is particularly effective for systems that require proportional control, such as in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications within commercial buildings, ensuring efficient temperature regulation.

  • Belimo MFT (Modulating): Designed for cutting-edge control systems, Belimo's MFT technology allows for highly precise modulation, making it suitable for environments like laboratories or data centers, where maintaining specific conditions is critical.

  • Floating: A floating actuator is best suited for simple tasks like the basic opening or closing of valves in residential plumbing or small-scale irrigation systems, where intricate control is not necessary.

  • Modulating: Essential for systems needing fine-tuned control, such as in factory process control where the exact fluid flow must adjust in real-time to changing operational demands, ensuring process accuracy and efficiency.

  • On/Off: Ideal for operations that require a binary action — fully open or fully closed — such as in home automation systems for water heaters or lawn sprinklers, simplifying control without the need for modulation.

Housing Protection Levels

The environment where an actuator is used significantly impacts its housing requirements. At Blackhawk, we have devices with the following NEMA levels of protection available in stock:

  • NEMA 4: Offers robust protection to an actuator used outdoors or in wet conditions, safeguarding against elements like dust and water spray. This makes it suitable for use in outdoor HVAC units or agricultural equipment.

  • NEMA 4X: With added corrosion resistance, NEMA 4X housings are indispensable in harsh environments, such as coastal areas exposed to saltwater spray or sites where chemical exposure is a concern, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the equipment.

Applications of Spring Return Fail-Safes

A spring return actuator can be found in a wide range of industries and applications where safety and reliability are top priorities:

  • HVAC: Controlling dampers and valves to maintain building comfort while prioritizing safety in case of fire or system malfunctions.

  • Industrial Processes: Managing the flow of chemicals, gases, or fluids where uncontrolled flow could pose dangers or disrupt operations.

  • Building Automation: Ensuring that ventilation, fire suppression, and other critical systems function as intended, even during unexpected events.

Shop Spring Return Actuators at Blackhawk Supply

At Blackhawk Supply, our selection of spring-loaded actuators is curated to meet the diverse needs of our customers. From ensuring system safety to enhancing operational efficiency, our actuators are designed to deliver. Explore our collection today and find the perfect spring-actuated valves to enhance your system’s performance.

Trust Blackhawk Supply to get you the perfect valve actuator with spring return and experience quality and reliability. Shop now and take the first step towards optimized valve control.

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