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More About Outside Humidity Sensors

Choose from 80 different outside humidity sensors for your next HVAC project.

Controlling the outside humidity that comes into your HVAC system is just as important as managing the humidity in your air ducts and rooms.

By monitoring the humidity outside your building, you control the process of how much moisture flows into your building. That is a crucial component to keeping the temperature inside your home or office stable.

Blackhawk Supply ensures you get the right amount of moisture into your building. We offer 80 different outside humidity sensors from manufacturers like ACI, Mamac, and Veris.

All our temperature and humidity sensors are accurate up to ±3% differential.

The sensor uses either a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) or thermistor signal to measure the temperature and humidity.

Both the RTD and the thermistor work with DC and AC power to notify the HVAC system of the amount of humidity outside the building.

Furthermore, all our outdoor humidity sensors are rated NEMA 4. That means their enclosures protect your electrical devices outside from rain, dirt, sleet, snow, dust, and water.

If you need a more secure outside humidity sensor, consider ACI’s A/ RH3-CP-O-4X. The model is the only sensor that offers a NEMA 4X Housing Enclosure Box for a higher level of protection from outside environments.

The NEMA 4X not only protects against the elements discussed above but also protects the sensor from corrosion.

Do you need help finding the best outside humidity sensor?

Measuring the relative humidity of your outdoor area is a vital component of a smooth-working HVAC system. If you need help finding the best control sensor for your next project, let us know how we can help you.

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