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Controls Sensors Gas

CDLSXX | CO2 | Duct | LCD
Veris sku: CDLSXX

More About Controls Sensors Gas

Do you want to know what the air quality for your building is? If so, you need to monitor it through a gas sensor.

The HVAC system moves air throughout your building. That is why it is essential to make sure that this air remains free from carbon emissions and other toxins.

At Blackhawk Supply we are committed to helping you get the cleanest air in your building for your next heating and cooling project. That commitment includes keeping the residents and employees safe from toxic gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon dioxide.

To accomplish this goal, we have a selection of over 291 different gas sensors from leading manufacturers like ACI, Belimo, and Veris.

These gas sensors work on a variety of buildings like residential, commercial, and industrial sites. You can even use the devices for specialty buildings like schools and hospitals.

To us, it is important to have gas sensors that protect you around the clock.

The gas sensors come in a number of different configurations to sense the air quality in your rooms, walls, and ducts.

Veris even produces 32 specialty gas sensors with LCD monitors.

The variety of control sensors help us keep your buildings safe from these pollutants. These gas Sensors monitor various air quality in your home, office, or building including toxins such as:

  • CO Carbon Monoxide
  • CO and NO2
  • CO2 Carbon Dioxide
  • CO2 w Temp
  • CO2 w Temp & RH
  • Enthalpy
  • Toxic Gas

How can we help you find your next gas sensor?

Finding the right gas sensor for your next project is vital. That is why at Blackhawk Supply we want to connect you with the best control sensor for future heating and cooling projects.

Contact our team today with help on finding the best gas sensor for your needs.

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