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Electrical enclosures by Saginaw and KMC are the perfect way to protect your equipment. 3,000+ enclosures with various NEMA ratings & dimensions for sale!
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Protect Your Equipment with Electrical Enclosures at Blackhawk Supply

Sensitive electrical and electronic equipment must rely on electrical enclosures for protection. The primary job of an electrical box is to shield the HVAC system from dirt, dust, water, and harsh weather. For demanding applications, whether it's an outdoor electrical junction box or a control panel, enclosures are highly customizable to accommodate an assortment of HVAC system requirements and sizes.

Depending on the size of the electrical enclosure, it can protect smaller control units as well as multiple control units at once. They are either floor-standing or wall-mounted, and different mounting options can be ordered to accommodate your needs.

Electrical Enclosure Ratings Available at Blackhawk Supply Store

Enclosures use several rating systems. One of these rating systems is the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Standards Publication.

Under this publication, 13 different types of enclosures have been classified as non-hazardous locations with various purposes. For example, a NEMA type 1 rated enclosure is suitable for indoor use, while a NEMA type 4. 12, and 13 rated enclosure is safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

United Laboratories (UL) is another rating system accredited by the American National Standards Institute. They provide world-class product safety tests and certifications. By purchasing a UL-rated enclosure, you will have a safe and reliable product on your hands, with full NEMA rating compliance.

At Blackhawk Supply we primarily have NEMA-rated electrical boxes as well as a handful of unrated enclosures for locations where no safety rating is required.

Indoor Electrical Enclosures for Sale

Indoor electrical enclosures are used for protecting sensitive components, switches, and wires in controlled settings. It safeguards equipment from dust, accidental contact, and other potential hazards common to indoor locations like:

  • Office and Commercial Spaces: Electrical enclosures designed for these areas are typically NEMA Type 1 or 2, focusing on protection against general indoor conditions like light dust and indirect moisture. Compact sizes are favored to house the required electrical components without taking up too much room. Our best-selling products include the 24-inch SCE-24N2406LP and the 20-inch SCE-20N2006LP by Saginaw.

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities: These environments demand enclosures with higher durability and protection levels, such as NEMA Type 12, which guards against dust, falling dirt, and dripping non-corrosive liquids. Larger dimensions and robust designs accommodate heavy-duty machinery controls and complex wiring systems.

Outdoor Electrical Enclosures for Sale

Outdoor electrical boxes must withstand the elements. They are designed with robust materials and sealing mechanisms to protect internal components from rain, snow, extreme temperatures, corrosive substances, and impact. Outdoor electrical boxes are used in:

  • Residential and Light Commercial Outdoors: NEMA Type 3R enclosures are common, offering protection against rain, snow, and external ice formation. Dimensions vary widely, from small boxes for individual residential applications to larger units for commercial systems. Our best-selling outdoor electrical boxes include the 30-inch SCE-30EL2412LP by Saginaw.

  • Harsh Industrial and Coastal Areas: For locations facing severe weather, potential flooding, or corrosive conditions, NEMA Type 4 waterproof electrical boxes are ideal. They have corrosion resistance and are designed to withstand heavy rains, high winds, and saltwater exposure.

Metal or Non-Metallic Enclosures?

An enclosure's ability to protect your equipment and withstand the environment it's placed within is directly tied to its material.

  • Metal Enclosures: Made of Aluminum and Stainless Steel, these metals offer excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and strength. Stainless steel is particularly ideal for harsh or coastal environments where exposure to salt or chemicals is likely.

  • Non-Metallic Enclosures: Made of Polycarbonate or Fiberglass-Reinforced Polycarbonate, these non-metallic options are lightweight, impact-resistant, and inherently resistant to corrosion. They are often used for applications where weight is a concern or non-conductive properties are required.

Do Electrical Boxes Have to Be Secured?

The answer depends on factors like location, the contents of the enclosure, and potential regulations. Outdoor enclosures are more vulnerable to tampering, vandalism, or theft, making security measures a higher priority. If the enclosure houses critical equipment or sensitive wiring, securing it adds an important layer of protection.

When security is a concern, look for features like keyed locks, padlock hasps, or hinged covers with locking mechanisms. Hinged covers with locks allow convenient access while discouraging unauthorized entry.

Top Electrical Enclosure Brands Available in Our Store

At Blackhawk, we carry HVAC both indoor and outdoor electrical enclosures made by US manufacturer, Saginaw Engineering. They have over fifty-five years of history in the HVAC and electrical industry.

They provide high-quality products and world-class service from its engineering and sales staff. Some of their electrical boxes include popular products like the SCE-24N2406LP and the SCE-6N604LP, known for their reliability and convenient hinge design.

We also offer electrical enclosure solutions from the KMC Enclosures brand: weather-resistant HCO-1151, high-quality metal HCO-1035, and HCO-1152 that can fit even the largest actuators. There are plenty more products by the KMC Enclosures, so feel free to browse our shop!

Get the Right Electrical Enclosure from Blackhawk Supply

Electrical boxes are vital for safeguarding your electrical components from environmental hazards. Whether you're looking for a robust carbon steel outdoor enclosure to withstand harsh weather conditions or a compact indoor option for an electrical junction box, Blackhawk Supply has an extensive selection to meet your needs.

Shop now at Blackhawk Supply, we have a wide range of electrical enclosures and related accessories to help you find the perfect electrical box for your needs.

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