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Find the Perfect KMC Control Valve for Your Application

KMC control valves are essential components in regulating the flow of fluids and gases across various industrial and commercial processes. As a leader in building automation and control solutions, KMC offers devices known for accuracy, durability, and innovative designs.

Benefits of KMC Control Valves

  • Precision: KMC controls deliver accurate flow regulation for optimal process control.

  • Reliability: Designed for long-lasting performance and minimal downtime in demanding environments.

  • Durability: Constructed with robust materials to withstand various operating conditions.

  • Versatility: KMC offers a wide range of control valves to accommodate diverse applications and industries.

Choosing the Right KMC Control Valve

Selecting the ideal KMC control valve involves understanding a few key factors to ensure it perfectly matches your specific process requirements. Let's break down some essential considerations:

KMC Valves by Control Input

  • 0-10 VDC / 10-0 VDC: Common voltage-based control signals allowing for precise valve positioning.

  • 24 VAC / 120 VAC: Standard AC power options often used for control valve circuits.

  • Floating: Provides basic two-position (open/closed) control for simple on/off applications.

  • Modulating: Enables precise flow adjustments across a range of flow rates, offering finer control.

  • On/Off: Simple open/closed operation for basic flow control needs.

KMC Control Valves by Type

  • Butterfly Valve: Well-suited for larger line sizes and throttling applications where some pressure drop is acceptable.

  • CCV (Characterized Control Valve): Designed for precise flow control, often used for heating/cooling in HVAC systems.

  • Zone Valve: Specifically designed to control flow within individual zones of an HVAC system for customized comfort.

Fail-Safe in KMC Control Valves

  • Electronic Fail-Safe: Uses a capacitor or battery to move the valve to a predefined position (open or closed) upon power loss.

  • Non-Spring Return: The actuator maintains its last position after a power loss.

  • Spring Return: The valve automatically returns to a predefined position, usually fully open or fully closed, upon power loss, ensuring a safe system state.

Optimize Your Process with KMC Control Valves

Blackhawk Supply offers a comprehensive selection of KMC controls to meet your specific process control needs. If you're unsure- reach out to us! Our knowledgeable team can help you find the perfect solution for your application.

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