NVT70P | 7.0
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Brand: AirtekSKU: NVT70P
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NVT70P | 7.0" LCD BACNet Operator Touch Display Panel (B-OD) | Airtek

Airtek | NVT70P
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Details for NVT70P

7.0" LCD BACNet Operator Touch Display Panel (B-OD)


The 32-bit microprocessor display panel NVT70P runs on a BACnet MSTP software. It can work on network speeds as fast as 76.8K bps.
Users can control the temperature data on a single or multiple device using various NVT70P.


  • BACnet B-OD control panel conforms ASHRAE BACnet MS/TP standard
  • 7.0 screen, 262K colors, touch screen TFT LCD, 800*480 pixel, setup with AIRTEK BACsoft software, can support up to 65,536 colors.
  • Four + I + II + III function keys, is system setup key. I, II, and III can be set up as function keys for switch display pages.
  • Update firmware and upload graphic pages by using a Micro USB cable.
  • 128M Bytes fonts and graphic memory. Actual number of pages depends on each page data size (Typically 24 pages).
  • The panel can read property of a BACnet device on the network. The reading property can be logic, value, list, string, object, time, date, or listing status of a bit string.
  • Display incoming alarm notification messages from any device on the network. Most recent 80 messages will be stored in the message history.
  • The panel can modify Calendar/Schedules that any B-AAC & B-BC device on the BACNET MS/TP network, compliant to SCHED-VM-A (BIBB - Scheduling-View and Modify-A)
  • 10 password levels, users can setup up to 20 passwords.
  • Has a BACnet MS/TP network communication quality monitor function.
  • Time synchronizes function. Selectable to broadcast on the BACnet network.


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