radiator actuators and thermostatic radiator valves (trv)

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A thermostatic head and a valve body make up a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV). The actuator in the thermostatic head expands and contracts in response to changes in temperature. The supply of water (or steam, in two-pipe setups) into the radiator is closed and opened by a sprung plunger inside the valve body.

When the two are combined, the radiator's heat supply is automatically adjusted based on the ambient temperature. The valve closes and the radiator stops heating when the space reaches the desired temperature. The valve then opens, the room cools, and the radiator starts to heat up once more.

The amount that the actuator must expand to close the valve can be changed by turning the thermostatic head's handle. A common TRV scale runs from 1 to 5, with 1 marking the shortest distance and 5 representing the longest. 

In order to prevent frost, thermostatic radiator valves are made to allow a tiny amount of water to pass through when the room is chilly. Use the decorator cap that comes with the valves if you need to totally close the valve.


The most popular TRV product so far is 013G8568 TRV Operator by Danfoss. This device is wall-mounted and comes with a remote sensor & dial. This is a great option for any home HVAC control system.

Secondly, we have the 013G8252 Dial with the Remote Sensor. Valve mounted, this device allows you to accurately control the room temperature to the desired comfort level.

Last but not least, the 013G8250 Dial is known for its reliability, precision, and high-quality materials.

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