Current Sensors

View Details H735 | Current Switch/Relay Combo | Solid Core | SPST | Veris
$51.76 each
View Details CT-800 | Current Switch (Solid Core) | Trip Point: 0.5A | Mamac
$13.50 each
View Details C-2300 | Fixed, 0.35-200A, split core | Senva Sensors
$17.23 each
View Details C-2345 | Analog 4-20mA, 30/60/120A, split core | Senva Sensors
$29.15 each
View Details CR3-24 | Command Relay, N.O. 24VAC/DC | Senva Sensors
$10.60 each
View Details C-2320-L | Preset, 0.45-50A, split core | Senva Sensors
$23.85 each
View Details H120 | Enclosed Relay | Current Switch 20A |  Fixed | Veris
$42.14 each

More About Current Sensors

If you want to ensure the safety of your electrical wires, then you should consider using a Blackhawk Supply current sensor.

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. When you talk about current sensors that is literally true. Our 389 sensors monitor the electrical energy in the wires traveling throughout your buildings.

Without these sensors, it is difficult to measure the current in these wires.

That is why we work with top-notch manufacturers such as ACI, Beam Engineering, Functional Devices, Mamac, and Veris. These companies ensure your wires are safe and deliver the right amount of voltage.

We use three types of cores for our sensors:  

  • Internal
  • Solid Core
  • Split Core

Of the 389 current sensors we carry, 216 of them are split core. A split core works best on retroactive projects. They are more flexible, so you do not have to disconnect the conductor or wiring for the building when installing the device.

If you have a new build-out, you should consider a solid core device. These cores are great for projects with a smaller budget and lower trip points. Many contractors use a solid core sensor to avoid excessive dust and moisture.  

What switch type are you using?

We also offer two current switch types: relay and solid state. The traditional relay is a conventional mechanical device that turns off the switch in case of a problem. The challenge is these devices wear down over time.

The other alternative is a solid-state relay. This relay uses modern electronic gauges to switch the power off faster when a sensor detects a problem.

We offer plenty of sensor types including:

  • Current Sensor
  • Current Sensor (Hawkeye)
  • Current Switch
  • Current Switch (Hawkeye)
  • Current Switch (Very Low Trip)

How can we help you choose the best current sensor?

Stay safe on your next electrical project with the right current control sensor. Contact us today if you have any questions about which current sensor is best for your needs.

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