KMC Thermostats for Sale

These thermostats from KMC vary in color, configurations, and sensor types. You will find exactly what you need in our stock of over 150 products!
View Details KMC CTE-5202 Tstat: Dual, Configurable, LCD, Almond  | Blackhawk Supply
$90.01 each
View Details KMC CTC-1621-103 Tstat: 2-pipe, DA, Vertical F  | Blackhawk Supply
$90.46 each
View Details KMC CTE-5104-10 Tstat: Dual, DA Cooling with Reheat, Horiz F  | Blackhawk Supply
$152.58 each
View Details KMC BAC-4001CW0001 AppStat: FCU , 3-Speed Fan, On/Off Valves  | Blackhawk Supply
$511.93 each
View Details KMC CTC-1622-103 Tstat: 2-pipe, RA, Vertical F  | Blackhawk Supply
$340.53 each
View Details KMC BAC-4001CW0003 AppStat: HPU , 3H/2C  | Blackhawk Supply
BAC-4001CW0003 | AppStat: HPU , 3H / 2C | KMC
Brand: KMC
SKU: BAC-4001CW0003
$159.28 each
View Details KMC BAC-120063CW FlexStat, 6R3A, White  | Blackhawk Supply
BAC-120063CW | FlexStat, 6R3A, White | KMC
Brand: KMC
SKU: BAC-120063CW
$340.53 each
View Details KMC BAC-120063CEW FlexStat, 6R3A, IP, White  | Blackhawk Supply
$469.48 each
View Details KMC CTE-5201-16 Tstat: Single, DA, LCD, Modular  | Blackhawk Supply
$641.73 each
View Details KMC CTC-1621 Tstat: 2-pipe, DA  | Blackhawk Supply
CTC-1621 | Tstat: 2-pipe, DA | KMC
Brand: KMC
SKU: CTC-1621
$617.29 each
View Details KMC BAC-120036CEW FlexStat, 3R6A, IP, White  | Blackhawk Supply
$370.40 each
View Details KMC CTE-5104 Tstat: Dual, DA Cooling with Reheat, Bare  | Blackhawk Supply
$609.75 each
View Details KMC CTE-5103-10 Tstat: Dual, DA/RA, Horiz F  | Blackhawk Supply
$436.41 each
View Details KMC CTC-1622 Tstat: 2-pipe, RA  | Blackhawk Supply
CTC-1622 | Tstat: 2-pipe, RA | KMC
Brand: KMC
SKU: CTC-1622
$470.63 each
View Details KMC BAC-4007CW0001 AppStat: FCU, Mod Fan, On/Off Valves  | Blackhawk Supply
$134.03 each
View Details KMC BAC-4002CW0001 AppStat: FCU, 3-Speed Fan, Mod Valves  | Blackhawk Supply
$340.53 each
View Details KMC BAC-4001CW0002 AppStat: RTU , 2H/2C  | Blackhawk Supply
BAC-4001CW0002 | AppStat: RTU , 2H / 2C | KMC
Brand: KMC
SKU: BAC-4001CW0002
$340.53 each
View Details KMC BAC-120036CW FlexStat, 3R6A, White  | Blackhawk Supply
BAC-120036CW | FlexStat, 3R6A, White | KMC
Brand: KMC
SKU: BAC-120036CW
$340.53 each


Mastering Indoor Comfort with KMC Thermostats

KMC Controls, a renowned name in building automation, offers a diverse range of thermostats, each meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance and personalized control over your HVAC system.

Exploring the KMC Thermostat's Most Popular Models

KMC caters to various needs with a range of models, each offering unique features and functionalities:

  • Maestro of Multitasking: The CTE-5202 shines with its dual-setpoint capabilities, allowing you to independently control heating and cooling for ultimate comfort.

  • The Direct and Reliable: For straightforward temperature control, the CTE-5201-16 takes center stage. This single-setpoint thermostat features a modular connector for seamless integration with various systems.

  • The Specialist: The CTC-1622-103 excels in 2-pipe reverse-acting applications, making it ideal for specific HVAC setups. Its precise control ensures the system responds efficiently to your temperature needs.

  • The Sensory Specialist: The STE-6012-10 goes beyond temperature control, incorporating room temperature sensing and setpoint features. Its intuitive LCD display keeps you informed and in control.

Understanding the Features and Specifications

Beyond their distinct roles, each KMC thermostat boasts unique features:

  • Adaptability: KMC thermostats cater to diverse environments, from residential homes to commercial buildings, with options for various HVAC system types.

  • Advanced Control: Some models offer multi-stage control, optimizing system efficiency, while others provide humidity control for enhanced comfort.

  • User-Friendly Design: Touchscreen interfaces and clear displays ensure effortless interaction with your thermostat.

  • Smart Integration: Select models seamlessly integrate with smart home systems for remote control and automation.

Selecting the Right KMC Thermostat

Choosing the ideal KMC thermostat requires careful consideration of various factors:

  • Application: Identify your primary needs, whether it's basic room temperature control or advanced features like multi-stage or humidity control.

  • Compatibility: Ensure the chosen thermostat aligns with your specific HVAC system type and voltage requirements.

  • Efficiency: Prioritize models with features like multi-stage control or smart integration to optimize energy use.

  • Budget: KMC offers a range of options to fit various budgets, so choose one that aligns with your financial constraints.

Advanced Options for Complex Systems

For intricate HVAC systems, KMC offers sophisticated models like the BAC-120063CEW Flexstat and the BAC-4003CW0002 Appstat. These advanced options boast features like BACnet communication protocols, configurable control options, and integration with building management systems, ensuring optimal performance in demanding environments.

The Final Note in Comfort and Efficiency

Selecting the right KMC thermostat is an investment in comfort, efficiency, and peace of mind. With the diverse range of models available at Blackhawk Supply, you can find your perfect option.

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