View Details 8501XMO60V02 | RELAY 600 VAC 20A | Square-D
8501XMO60V02 | RELAY 600 VAC 20A | Square-D
Square-D sku: 8501XMO60V02
$294.98 each

More About Relays

What is the purpose of Relays?

Relays open and close electrical circuits. They function like remote control switches and designed to be simple and reliable. They can power devices either electrochemically or electronically through a low-power signal. Initially developed in 1833, you find relays in numerous applications from HVAC systems to industrial plants.

How Do Relays Work?

All relays receive electrical signals via a contact unit. This contact unit is often an electromagnet. Electromagnets generate a magnetic field produced by an electric current. When the contact unit is activated, a voltage and current running through a wire either open or close the contact.

What are the Different Types of Relays?

Multiple types of relays are also available, such as dry contact relays, latching relays, and overload protection relays.

  • Contactor relays are used for heavy-duty places. These relay can withstand high current ratings.
  • Latching relays control a system remotely and keep a contact position without applying any power from the inside.
  • Overload protection relays protect electric motors from current overloads, which severely damage the engine.

Additionally, we also carry relays in 24V and 120V coils as well as those powered by DC and AC relay coils.

What Relay Brands are Available?

At Blackhawk, we carry two different trusted brands of relays. The manufacturers are the ACI Controls brand and the Functional Devices Brand.

ACI, or Advanced Controls Inc., is a Florida based company that specializes in high-quality industrial control products. Over the past thirty years, they established themselves as a major manufacturer in the US.

Besides relays, the company also makes compressors and fan motor capacitors. We carry the relays from their PAM series, which are ideal for remote situations.

Like ACI, Functional Devices is another US-based designer and manufacturer of electronic devices. Over their forty-year history, they developed high-quality products for their customers’ HVAC needs. Besides relays, the company also makes sensors, transformers, and more.

They have a number of control relays they offer to protect your electrical appliances.

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