tower lights and signaling units

Tower lights and signaling units are available. Tower beacons, obstruction lights, sirens, and horns. Order today at Blackhawk Supply.
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$46.45 each
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$57.25 each


Tower Lights, Lights Beacons, and other Signaling Units are critical industrial accessories for ensuring safe operations. These devices provide easily visible and audible indicators for machinery operators and other personnel. Organizations can reduce the health risks of their employees by attaching signaling units to heavy machinery, electrical devices, and other high-risk equipment in hazardous areas.

Electrical Tower Lights Signaling and Beacons from our store are highly durable and resistant to shocks, corrosion, and vibrations. These devices are also energy efficient, allowing companies to keep power consumption levels at a minimum.

Blackhawk Supply offers a wide variety of flexible, long-lasting, and easy-to-install Signaling Units used in construction sites, public equipment, mining fields, and other operations.

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