HVAC Supplies

Improve your air conditioning today! Blackhawk Supply offers premium HVAC products, parts, tools, and other HVAC equipment from renowned industry leader brands.


More About Our HVAC Product Supply

Customers use HVAC supplies for a few different reasons. These reasons include providing a continuous flow of fresh air indoors through ventilation, improving air quality, and monitoring air humidity and temperature.

When you use the right parts, an HVAC system provides comfort and necessary occupancy conditions. The challenge is that not all air conditioning parts have the same level of quality. In fact, supplies differ significantly from one brand to another. At Blackhawk Supply we offer a vast inventory of products to give you the best materials for your HVAC, whether it's for a commercial or residential location.

We know the stability of your HVAC systems depends on the timely replacement of supplies and spare parts. That's why at Blackhawk Supply, you can buy the parts you need for your HVAC Systems with a guarantee of quality. We sell brand-name products at an affordable price.

Our heating and cooling supplies categories include:


HVAC thermostats allow you to control indoor temperature more precisely and create the most comfortable and desired environment possible for your work process.

This collection features high-quality products from trusted manufacturers from the United States and abroad, such as Danfoss, Dwyer, Ecobee, and more.

Humidity Controllers

We offer a wide selection of humidity controllers by Johnson Controls, designed to ensure that you get complete control over the environment. These devices come in handy when working with sensitive equipment and electronics, or in creating a clean room environment.


Your air quality control system can't be complete without a reliable humidifier! Apart from temperature and CO2 levels, humidity also plays a significant role in creating a comfortable environment, especially in a dry climate.

Browse our selection of high-quality humidifier equipment by trusted brands like Braeburn and Honeywell in the Blackhawk Supply catalog!

Temperature Сontrols

A temperature controller is typically a part of the thermostat and can make a significant difference in creating a controlled environment or in simply regulating the temperature in a room or any other indoor location.

Zoning Dampers

HVAC dampers regulate the airflow of your home or facility. Installing the right damper for your application is crucial to ensure proper ventilation, which is why we offer an incredibly wide variety of products, parts, and tools.

The products featured are manufactured by renowned brands such as Braeburn, EWC Controls, and iO HVAC Controls, and can make a significant difference in the air quality and ventilation efficiency of your home, facility, or office space.

Zoning Systems

Zoning systems allow you to improve your HVAC control system by separating air heating and cooling for their respective areas. These products by EWC Controls and Braeburn allow you to create a complex HVAC system that can manage even the biggest commercial facilities.

More Products To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Whether you need a thermostat to keep your office at the perfect temperature for your staff or humidity to control the amount of moisture in the area of an office building, we have the right supplies for you in our vast inventory.

Furthermore, we regularly expand our product line to ensure you have the right dampers, zoning systems, air conditioners, and temperature control products for your upcoming project. Otherwise, you waste your time searching online and offline for an air conditioning product we can easily send you at a fair price.

Our online store offers a large range of air conditioning products at competitive prices. You can find anything you might need, all your requirements in one place.