Online Static Pressure Calculator for HVAC Systems, Ducts, and Pipes

When it comes to having the perfect, comfortable temperature in your home or business, it's essential to know how to calculate static pressure (SP) and hydrostatic pressure (HSP) in a duct system. Taking these measurements is directly related to the process of installation and diagnosis of any HVAC system. Here's what static pressure and fluid pressure actually mean:

  • Static air pressure is one of the most important parts of a solid HVAC system. The term “static pressure” is used in regard to the resistance in airflow in the components of a cooling and heating system. Use our Static Pressure Calculator for estimating static pressure in your air ventilation system.
  • There is also a “hydrostatic pressure”, a pressure exerted by a fluid column at rest in pipe systems. To better understand your HVAC fluid dynamics and learn about the hydrostatic pressure formula, see the Hydrostatic Pressure Calculator section below.

By knowing how to calculate static pressure in air duct systems, you can determine that the right push of air counteracts the resistance in airflow. In a static pressure calculation, we are looking for the push of air to exceed the resistance. Otherwise, the system won't be able to circulate air throughout the ducts.

How do we prevent this lack of circulation in a heating and cooling system? With an accurate air duct static pressure calculation.

Online Static Pressure Calculator (Duct Static Pressure Calculator) 

We are simplifying the process of how to measure static pressure in the duct system with this online static pressure calculator.

Use the calculator below to find your air static pressure calculation quickly to ensure your air pressure is just right.

Total Pressure due to Ductwork

Pressure from Fittings and other Elements

Hydrostatic Pressure Calculator

Calculate hydrostatic pressure in pipe systems (i.e. pressure exerted by a fluid column at rest):

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What Is Static Pressure in Ductwork?

We explained the bare-bones explanation of what static pressure is, but let's dive a little deeper to help you understand the importance before learning how to calculate static pressure HVAC measurements.

So we know static pressure is important for creating airflow, but the term is specifically used in reference to the pressure as measured by inches of fluid at rest when air moves through something, like ducts.

Knowing how to calculate static pressure HVAC measurements isn't overtly necessary for homeowners. The company that installs your HVAC system can do all the necessary measurements to find static pressure in ventilation systems, but knowing the basics of the static pressure formula is important to understand your ductwork system.

How to Calculate Static Pressure in Fluid (Hydrostatic Pressure Formula)

Hydrostatic pressure equation: p=qgh

Where the hydrostatic pressure formula:

  • p = pressure (N/m^2)
  • q = mass density of fluid (kg/m^3)
  • g = acceleration due to gravity which = 9.8066 m/s^2
  • h = height of fluid column (m)

Units in the static pressure and fluid pressure calculators:

Atm = atmosphere,
C = Celsius,
Cm = centimeter,
F = Fahrenheit,
Ft = foot,
g = gram,
in = inch,
kg = kilogram,
km = kilometer,
lb = pound,
m = meter,
mbar = millibar,
mm = millimeter,
M = Mega,
N = Newton,
Pa = Pascal

    This calculation can easily convert to different units, and knowing how to measure static pressure in a pipe is a noteworthy tool. Our online calculator will help you find the fluid pressure and create the perfect environment with your HVAC system.


    As you look to find the perfect balance of push and resistance in your HVAC system to create the ideal temperature in your space, learning how to calculate static pressure in a ductwork or pipe system can help determine the condition of your HVAC and guarantee your system runs smoothly. To do your own calculations of total pressure in your HVAC system, or to find out how static pressure and hydrostatic pressure are measured, check out the static pressure and hydrostatic pressure calculators.

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