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Explore the Belimo Control Valves

Belimo, a prominent name in building automation, has a diverse range of control valves to cater to any need. And at BlackHawk Supply, we're proud to be their trusted distributor, offering an extensive selection to match your unique requirements.

Navigating the Belimo Valve Landscape

Our comprehensive Belimo valve selection encompasses five main types, each excelling in specific applications:

  1. Ball Valves: Workhorses of the group, these valves offer reliable on/off control for various fluids. Compact and simple in design, they're popular choices in HVAC systems, plumbing applications, and more. Sizes range from DN15 (½") to DN250 (10"), ensuring a perfect fit for diverse flow needs.
  2. Butterfly Valves: Need control over larger flow rates? Butterfly valves are your answer. Offering both on/off and throttling capabilities, they handle applications from water and air handling to industrial processes. Sizes range from DN40 (1¼") to DN600 (24"), providing flexibility for various demands.
  3. Globe Valves: For applications requiring precise flow regulation and throttling, globe valves are the way to go. Their robust design and fine-tuned control capabilities make them ideal for high-pressure or high-temperature systems. Sizes range from DN15 (½") to DN200 (8"), catering to diverse needs.
  4. Zone Valves: Managing flow within individual zones of your system? Zone valves are your secret weapon. They provide independent control, optimizing comfort and energy efficiency in multi-zone heating and cooling applications. Sizes range from DN15 (½") to DN50 (2"), offering flexibility for various zone configurations.

Choosing the Right Belimo Valve

Selecting the ideal Belimo valve requires careful consideration of several factors:

  • Application: What type of fluid are you controlling? What pressure and flow rates are involved? What level of control do you need (on/off, throttling, specific flow profile)?

  • System requirements: Ensure the valve seamlessly integrates with other components, considering factors like pressure ratings and flange connections.

  • Budget: Balance functionality with cost considerations. We offer a range of options to fit various needs.

Shop Belimo Control Valves at Blackhawk Supply

With a diverse range of Belimo control valves, and expert guidance from BlackHawk Supply, you're empowered to find the perfect flow control solution. Remember, the right valve selection leads to:

  • Efficient operation: Optimized system performance and reduced energy consumption.

  • Precise control: Achieve the desired flow characteristics for your application.

  • Long-term cost savings: Reliable valves minimize maintenance and replacement costs.

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