Plastic Fittings

View Details 429-532E | 6X4 PVC ECCENTRIC REDUCING COUPLING SCH40  |  (PG:040)
$126.50 each
View Details 806-010 | 1 PVC 90 ELBOW SOCKET SCH80  |  (PG:080)
$14.22 each
View Details 801-010 | 1 PVC TEE SOCKET SCH80  |  (PG:080)
$25.53 each
View Details 475-007 | 3/4 PVC WYE SOCKET SCH40 235PSI  |  (PG:040)
$9.04 each
View Details 806-020 | 2 PVC 90 ELBOW SOCKET SCH80  |  (PG:080)
$24.62 each
View Details 836-010 | 1 PVC MALE ADAPTER MPTXSOC SCH80  |  (PG:080)
$27.89 each
View Details 434-005 | 1/2 PVC RISER EXT FPTXMPT SCH40  |  (PG:040)
$2.47 each
View Details 833-040 | 4 PVC GROOVED COUPLING GROOVEXSOC SCH80  |  (PG:080)
$131.73 each
View Details 801-030 | 3 PVC TEE SOCKET SCH80  |  (PG:080)
$119.20 each
View Details 801-020 | 2 PVC TEE SOCKET SCH80  |  (PG:080)
$87.73 each
View Details 861-010 | 1 PVC MALE ADAPTER SPIGOTXMPT SCH80  |  (PG:080)
$32.01 each
View Details 8097-020 | 2 PVC UNION 2000 SOCKET EPDM  |  (PG:080)
$111.96 each
View Details 833-030 | 3 PVC GROOVED COUPLING GROOVEXSOC SCH80  |  (PG:080)
$116.09 each


More About Plastic Fittings

Do you want high-quality, affordable PVC fittings? At Blackhawk Supply, we offer them in an array of shapes and sizes from premier manufacturers like Midland Metal MFG and Spears. We have a wide selection of fittings plumbers want and need.

When you choose our PVC fittings, you access competitively-priced plumbing fittings. Discover high-quality, affordable PVC fittings in our online store.

PVC is a Smart Choice

PVC fittings are lightweight and flexible compared to other plumbing fittings. This is because the other fittings come from metals like brass, iron, and steel. Conversely, PVC is a plastic.

PVC‘s plastic composition makes it an ideal material to resist fracturing. At the same time, PVC can carry heavy external loads. The fittings are so strong they hold up well over the long term as well.

As we mentioned above, PVC is flexible. This benefits users who expect vibration or soil movement around the fittings. Even better, this flexibility and lightweight material does not weaken the joint tightness.

If you want superior sealing, you should check out the PVC fitting. PVC underwent more tests than any other type of plastic. We know PVC fittings are reliable.

Finally, PVC is is flame-resistant.

Why Choose Us?

Blackhawk Supply has over 50 years experience safely offering PVC fittings to our customers.

When you order PVC fittings from Blackhawk Supply, you have access to a wide range of PVC fittings at low prices. You can find our selection of PVC fittings including elbows, tees, unions, couplings, caps, and plugs as well as anything else you need for your next project on our website.

If you have questions about our products, connect with our team today. Your customers put their faith in you. We help you look good in their eyes by choosing the best PVC fittings for your upcoming project.

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