Damper Actuators

We offer a wide selection of over 16,000 reliable and durable damper actuators from top brands such as Belimo, Honeywell, and Johnson Controls. Shop our collection now to find the perfect solution for your project!


More About Damper Actuators

We have over 2,500 different types of actuators for all your HVAC needs.

Different types of Control Damper Actuators

Blackhawk Supply Vendors offer a standard damper actuator with some control inputs to power the device and control the flow of air.

While not all our damper actuators have a spring return, the models we offer all have an electronic spring return. Some versions even include an electronic fail-safe to reduce the danger.

Blackhawk Supply has bulk packs for some Belimo dampers. You might need the bulk pack if you are working on an industrial project or a contractor working on multiple buildings.

The pneumatic damper has over 65 options to decide which version you want to power the HVAC and refrigerator cooling system. As the name suggests, the pneumatic damper actuator pushes fluids with air power.

The final damper actuators are the fire and smoke actuator. As the name suggests, these actuators monitor the fire and smoke in the ventilation and air-conditioning systems. It does carry a spring return option.

Finally, Blackhawk Supply carries all the manufacturers actuator accessories and replacement parts. You never know when you might need spare parts to repair your current damper actuators.

How can we help you with your control damper actuators?

As you can see, we offer a wide variety of control damper actuators to suit whatever your needs. Let us know how we can help you find the right damper actuator for your HVAC, refrigerator, or other applications.

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