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View Details Veris PX3ULX05 Pressure | Dry | Univ | LCD  | Blackhawk Supply
View Details Veris PX3PLX02 Pressure | Dry | Panel | LCD | 1-10 In WC  | Blackhawk Supply
$151.55 each
View Details Veris PX3DLX02 Pressure | Dry | Duct | LCD | 0-10 In WC  | Blackhawk Supply
$145.44 each
View Details Veris PX3PLX01 Pressure | Dry | Panel | LCD | 0-1 In WC  | Blackhawk Supply
$45.76 each
View Details Veris E683G502 CT,Rogowski,18",460mm,L,600V,5kA  | Blackhawk Supply
$145.44 each
View Details Veris H623-20 Current Xducer,Split-Core,0-20A,0-10VDC  | Blackhawk Supply
$23.73 each
View Details Veris TEC00U Temp Economy Wall,1k Pt,USA  | Blackhawk Supply
$25.25 each
View Details Veris E683D502 CT,Rogowski,12",300mm,L,600V,5kA  | Blackhawk Supply
$30.05 each
View Details Veris E683C502 CT,Rogowski,9.8",250mm,L,600V,5kA  | Blackhawk Supply
$112.25 each


Discover the Perfect Electrical Transformer for Your Needs

Electrical transformers are devices that transfer electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction, crucial for converting AC (Alternating Current) to DC (Direct Current) and vice versa. They are pivotal in changing voltage levels to meet the needs of different applications, ensuring that electrical devices receive the correct voltage.

Electric transformers are essential components in both commercial and residential electrical systems, playing a crucial role in voltage regulation and power safety. Our extensive collection at Blackhawk Supply features a wide range of transformers designed to suit various requirements, from low voltage transformers to specialized units for complex electrical systems.

Choosing the Right Transformer

Selecting the appropriate transformer is vital for the efficiency, safety, and reliability of your electrical system. Considerations include communication capabilities, current protection, outputs, and other specific requirements such as voltage and temperature sensor type.

Transformers by Communication Type

The type of communication protocol a transformer uses can significantly impact its compatibility and efficiency in specific environments.

  • BACnet MS/TP: Ideal for building automation systems, like in commercial offices or healthcare facilities, where interoperable communication between different devices and systems is essential for efficient operation.

  • ModBus (RTU): Favoured in industrial settings such as manufacturing plants or processing facilities, ModBus provides reliable communication across devices, even in harsh conditions, ensuring seamless operation and monitoring.

  • Protocol: Essential for systems requiring specific protocol compatibilities for seamless integration.

Types of Current Protection in Transformers

Current protection mechanisms in transformers are used to prevent damage and ensure the safety of both the device and the broader electrical system.

  • Circuit Breaker: Best for environments where electrical demand can fluctuate significantly, such as in manufacturing plants or large commercial buildings. Circuit breakers provide a fail-safe by disconnecting the power in overload situations.

  • Fuse: Suitable for settings like server rooms or telecommunications facilities, where even a brief overcurrent event could cause significant damage or data loss.

  • Inherent: Transformers with built-in protection are well-suited for applications with stable, predictable loads, such as residential lighting or small office equipment, offering a layer of safety without the need for external devices.

  • None: In systems where external protection is already robust, such as in highly controlled industrial processes or advanced research facilities, choosing transformers without built-in current protection can offer cost and space efficiency.

Transformer Outputs

The output type of a transformer dictates its application, affecting how it communicates and interacts with other system components.

  • Analog Output: Useful in a wide range of applications from HVAC systems in commercial buildings to monitoring equipment in industrial processes, providing a straightforward, reliable signal that reflects real-time changes.

  • Protocol Communication: Key for modern, interconnected systems found in smart homes, intelligent manufacturing, and automated public infrastructure, enabling detailed data exchange and system optimization.

  • Resistive Output: Best suited for temperature measurement and control applications.

  • Switch Output: Ideal for on/off control applications or alarms.

Transformers by Application Zone

Another key factor in choosing a transformer is where it will be installed. At Blackhawk Supply you can buy transformers for the following zones of application:

  • Living Space: Transformers in living areas prioritize quiet operation to minimize noise intrusion. Safety features and aesthetics may also be important.

  • Outdoor: These transformers need robust enclosures to withstand weather, potential impacts, and UV exposure. Consider NEMA ratings and construction materials.

  • Plant Room: Industrial settings often require larger transformers with higher power ratings. Efficiency and durability are crucial in these environments.


Currently, the PX3ULX05, PX3PLX02, and PX3DLX02 pressure transducers by Veris are the most popular in this selection. These devices are used for duct, room, and atmospheric pressure measurement, and are invaluable in creating a reliable and stable HVAC control system.

Another favorite is the Veris X100CAA Control Transformer, which excels in reliability and safety, with an integrated circuit breaker for overload protection. Its single hub design and factory-installed foot mount make installation straightforward, catering to both commercial and industrial applications efficiently. This transformer's consistent performance and durability solidify its status as a bestselling choice.

Other popular products are the TR40VA013, TR20VA001, and TR50VA008 electric transformers by Functional Devices. These models vary in configurations, specifications, and VA ratings, so make sure to study the related datasheets to find out which electric transformer suits our application best.

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