Transformers for sale. Step up, step down, or isolation transformers. Single or three phase, up to 25kVA- find it at Blackhawk Supply.
View Details Veris PX3ULX05 Pressure | Dry | Univ | LCD  | Blackhawk Supply
View Details Veris PX3PLX02 Pressure | Dry | Panel | LCD | 1-10 In WC  | Blackhawk Supply
$151.55 each
View Details Veris PX3DLX02 Pressure | Dry | Duct | LCD | 0-10 In WC  | Blackhawk Supply
$145.44 each
View Details Veris PX3PLX01 Pressure | Dry | Panel | LCD | 0-1 In WC  | Blackhawk Supply
$45.76 each
View Details Veris E683G502 CT,Rogowski,18",460mm,L,600V,5kA  | Blackhawk Supply
$145.44 each
View Details Veris H623-20 Current Xducer,Split-Core,0-20A,0-10VDC  | Blackhawk Supply
$23.73 each
View Details Veris TEC00U Temp Economy Wall,1k Pt,USA  | Blackhawk Supply
$35.26 each
View Details Veris E683D502 CT,Rogowski,12",300mm,L,600V,5kA  | Blackhawk Supply
$25.25 each


Blackhawk Supply offers 120VAC primary, and 24VAC & 120VAC secondary transformers.

With so many types of electrical applications, you need the right power transformers to ensure your power does not overload the system.

The 120VAC primary and 24VAC secondary transformers VA ranges between 40-375VA. The 120VAC secondary has a range of 40-150VA.

All Blackhawk Supply primary transformers' voltages are between 120V and 480V.

120VAC Primary Transformers

With over 85 different primary transformers, choose the one that best collects the initial energy from the power grid.

We strive to guarantee the highest quality transformer to prevent power loss or overload of your system. To help with this, 72 of our primary transformers from ACI, Functional Devices, and Veris are made in the USA.

Additionally, 55 primary transformers use a circuit breaker to protect you from an overload.

Our 120VAC primary transformers help you with your HVAC and building automation applications. All the transformers are single or dual hub mounted.

24VAC Secondary Transformers

We offer 116 24VAC Secondary Transformers to help you with lower voltage applications.

Functional Devices and Veris make our 120VAC primary transformers and 24VAC secondary transformers. Using the same manufacturer for both transformers ensures continuity.

Like the primary, 29 secondary transformers include circuit breakers to give you another level of protection.

120VAC Secondary Transformer

The eleven 120VAC secondary transformers are for larger voltages transfers. While we do have a few impedance transformers where the primary and secondary current is the same, many voltages start between 208 and 480V.

Functional Devices and Veris make all 120VAC secondary transformers. The transformers use dual and single hub mountings.


Currently, the PX3ULX05, PX3PLX02, and PX3DLX02 pressure transducers by Veris are the most popular in this selection. These devices are used for duct, room, and atmospheric pressure measurement, and come invaluable in creating a reliable and stable HVAC control system.

Other popular products are the TR40VA013, TR20VA001, and TR50VA008 electric transformers by Functional Devices. These models vary in configurations, specifications, and VA ratings, so make sure to study the related datasheets to find out which electrical transformer suits our application best.


Do you have questions about what distribution transformers you want to use? If so, please contact our team to determine the best option available for your needs.

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