Ball Valves

View Details B211B+TR24-SR-T US | CCV | 0.5" | 2 Way | 1.9 Cv | w/ Non-Spg | 24V | 2-10V | Belimo
$174.60 each
View Details B225+LF24-MFT US | CCV | 1" | 2 Way | 30 Cv | w/ Spg Rtn | 24V | MFT | Belimo
$455.85 each
View Details B325+LF24-MFT US | CCV | 1" | 3 Way | 30 Cv | w/ Spg Rtn | 24V | MFT | Belimo
$495.90 each
View Details B223+LF24-SR US | CCV | 1" | 2 Way | 10 Cv | w/ Spg Rtn | 24V | 2-10V | Belimo
$389.70 each


More About Ball Valves

With 5,133 ball valves available at Blackhawk Supply, you can find whatever you need to control the flow of liquids through your HVAC system.

The ball valve helps control the flow of liquids and gases through your pipes. Ball valves are ideal for contractors who want to protect a building’s pipes for years.  

To ensure you get a quality ball valve with a long life, we partnered with Belimo & KMC to supply you ball valves for your next project.

Our ball valves come in three different types:

The valves vary in size from .5” to 6” inches. These 25 different sizes also come with options for 2, 3, and 6-way ball valves for liquids and gases to flow.

Additionally, all our ball valves are rated at least a four by NEMA. That means they are sturdy enough to face outside elements like rain, snow, and sleet. Learn more about the different NEMA housing options we offer below.

Depending on the flow of your pipes, you have a variation between .29 to 650 Cv. You can choose between 125 different Cv to determine how many gallons per minute of liquids you can let in through the pipe.

Furthermore, 1,204 of our ball valves include an end switch to stop objects from going past the device.

Other characteristics to choose for the right ball valve include the control input, device housing, spring return, and voltage.

Control input

  • 0-135 ohms
  • Belimo MFT (Modulating)
  • Floating
  • Modulating
  • On/Off


  1. NEMA 4
  2. NEMA 4H
  3. NEMA 4X
  4. NEMA 4XH

Spring return

  • Electronic Fail-Safe
  • Non-Spring Return
  • Spring Return


  • 100-240V
  • 120V
  • 230V
  • 24-240V
  • 24V

How can we help you find the best ball valve for your next project?

If you need help selecting the best ball valve for your upcoming heating and cooling project, let us know how we can assist you.

With 5,133 ball valves at our disposal, we have enough options to ensure you get the right device for your next project. Contact us today with your questions.

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