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Damper Actuators by Siemens

Siemens Damper Actuators

Siemens offers a wide selection of damper actuators suited to your HVAC systems. OpenAirTM is a comprehensive portfolio of options for positioning forces, control signals, communications standards, and add-on options in your damper actuator so you get what you want – and more. OpenAir actuators come with low-consumption motors with quick precise control so you get high performance with noticeably low energy consumption.


List of Siemens Actuators

OpenAir Rotary Electronic Damper Actuators – Spring Return

Siemens’ rotary electronic damper actuators brushless motor technology and continuously engaged mechanical spring return that lowers energy consumption for the system as well as provides fail-safe positioning options that are highly reliable, which are unavailable in other systems.

Low Torque Applications

  • GQD Series [20 in-lbs]

Medium Torque Applications

  • GMA Series [62 in-lbs]

High Torque Applications

  • GCA Series [160 in-lbs]


Rotary Electronic Control Damper Actuators – Non-Spring Return

All non-spring return actuators feature a compact design that promises to provide high performances within a small package. They feature stall protection and an installed manual override, which protects the entire system and ensures long actuator life.

Low Torque Applications

  • GDE Series [44 in-lbs]
  • GLB Series [88 in-lbs]

Medium Torque Applications

  • GEB Series [132 in-lbs]

High Torque Applications

  • GBB Series [221 in-lbs]
  • GIB Series [310 in-lbs]


OpenAir Fast Acting Electronic Rotary Actuators for Critical Environments

OpenAir fast-acting electronic rotary actuators have been specially-manufactured for environments that require critical attention. The rotary actuators feature a unique center-shaft coupling that ensures fast operation with enhanced performance and long life.

  • GNP/GAP Series [53 in-lbs (6 Nm)]
  • GLB Series [88 in-lbs]


OpenAir Electronic Rotary Damper Actuators for Smoke and Fire Control

Designed to meet UL555S standards, electronic rotary damper actuators feature multiple power options with two-position control to reduce the need for additional equipment.

Low Torque Applications

  • GND Series [53 in-lbs (6 Nm)]

High Torque Applications

  • GGD Series [142 in-lbs (16 Nm)]
  • GGD Series [108 in-lbs (12 Nm)]

OpenAir Linear Electronic Damper Actuators

Siemens’ linear electronic damper actuators provide position feedback throughout their operation, which gives accurate feedback with regards to positioning for easier troubleshooting, set-up, and commissioning. They are highly-adaptable as they are compatible with all common controller output signals.

Low Torque Applications

  • GLB Series [56 lbf (250 N)]

Medium Torque Applications

  • GEB Series [90 lbf (400N)]

High Torque Applications

  • GBB Series [124 lbf (550N)]


Pneumatic Control Damper Actuators

  • Mixing Box Dampers
  • Unit Ventilators
  • Outside Air Dampers
  • Exhaust Air Dampers
  • Return Air Dampers
  • Vortex Fans


  • Available in 2-3/8, 4, and 7-inch stroke
  • Several spring ranges to choose from
  • Rugged, metal-fabricated device
  • Gradual or positive actuation


Benefits of Using Siemens Damper Actuators

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Fits into tight spaces
  • Low energy consumption
  • Resilient despite harsh conditions
  • Long product life
  • Wide range of applications
  • Reliable and responsive
  • Allows quick and easy troubleshooting
  • Provides accurate feedback
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