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View Details Anderson Metals 60100-07 FERRULE .525X1.000X.375  | Blackhawk Supply
60100-07 | FERRULE .525X1.000X.375 | Anderson Metals
Brand: Anderson Metals
SKU: 60100-07
$0.81 each


Blackhawk Supply has over 480 clamps you can use for your next project including ferrules, gear, hose, muffler, exhaust, t-bolt, ear, F, K, FLJS, lined, and other clamp accessories.


We offer over 54 brass smooth hose ferrules. They are a great alternative to hose clamps.

Economy Worm Gear Clamps

Check out the 175 stainless steel clamps we offer that range from the miniature 516-inch to the ½-inch clamps. We also have quick release clamps.

Depending on the size, you can use these clamps for marine, industrial, automotive, plumbing, and general gardening uses. The size of the economy worn gear clamp plays a large part in how you use it for your project.

Hose Clamps

Blackhawk Supply has 26 one-ear steel hose clamps that work on low-pressure applications like automotive lines (not fuel lines), appliances, industrial machinery, underground irrigation systems, and beverage dispensing equipment.

Other Clamps

Choose between our 43 stainless steel hose, t-bolt, and v-band clamps.

Muffler Clamps

We carry 13 carbon steel flat band, guillotine, and muffler clamps. All muffler clamps have two legs with nuts you can tighten to form a stronger seal. They are zinc-plated for better corrosion resistance.

Exhaust Clamps

Our 32 aluminized and stainless-steel clamps come in an easy form, butt, and lap shapes. The exhaust clamps conform to your pipes and tubing to create a superior seal that does not twist the pipe.

T-Bolt Clamps

The 36 stainless-steel t-bolt clamps provide constant tension on a pipe to ensure they do not change when temperatures expand or contract.

Ear Clamps

35 stainless-steel, null, and zinc ear clamps and accessories provide a secure seal. Our ear clamps come in silicon, vinyl, polyurethane, or other high-tech materials.

F Clamps

We carry 30 preformed ⅜ and ⅝ steel F-clamps.

K Clamps

We have 32 steel ⅜ and ⅝ preformed clamps you can slide over hoses.

FLJS Clamps

Choose from our six stainless steel double-wrapped, smooth I.D. FLJS clamps. They work on thermoplastic and thin wall hose clamping applications.

Lined Band Clamps

Our ½-inch rubber clamp with ⅜ mounting hole works on most hoses and soft silicon hoses.


Blackhawk Supply hose crimper clamp accessory comes in a ferrule shape. The hose rule crimping tool has mounting holes for your permanent installations.

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