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Surge protection device (SPDs) is designed to protect electrical devices against voltage spikes in alternating current circuits. These devices are frequently used in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Blackhawk Supply offers various types of SPDs. Internally mounted SPDs are made for space savings. Externally mounted devices are more protective solutions that are easier to maintain. On top of that, our store has Nipple-Mounted SPDs for effective surge suppression of nipple products.


This category is represented by Square-D by Schneider Electric brand, known for its reliability and high-quality manufacturing. As for the best-selling items in this category, the top 3 are TVS120XR50S (so compact, that the surge suppressor can be mounted directly next to it), TVS4HWA10X, and the TVS4IMA16O assembler kit that comes with LED indicator display and the 480V 3-phase 3-wide service voltage rating.

Browse our store for more surge protective device options: Blackhawk Supply always has something to offer for any industry or application!

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