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We specialize in top-quality bulkhead fittings from Hayward Flow Control, made of CPVC, GFPP, PP, and PVC. Place your order today for the best price!


Ensure tight connections that maintain fluid flow rate with bulkhead fittings. Installation of these fittings in mixing tanks, drums, and other fluid connections establishes an avenue for the efficient transport of fluids at Industrial applications for our bulkhead fittings vary depending on the lengths of the shaft. 

Bulkhead Fittings Classes:

  • BFAS Series Bulkhead Fittings (Standard Flange, ½” to 3” - Short Pattern). The New BFAS Series Standard Flange Short Barell Fittings (Tank Adapters) provide easier, safer connections to pipes within standard thermoplastic and metal tanks. Easy installation features are straight-forward, making it easy to install without any need for assistance. 
  • BFAS Series Bulkhead Fittings (Standard Flange, ½” to 6” - Long Pattern). Features the same as short pattern flanges, except that they are molded 1” longer, which allows safe and quick pipe connections with thicker-walled tanks (thermoplastic and metal). 
  • BFA Series Bulkhead Fittings (Oversized Flange, ½” to 1” - Long Pattern). BFA Series Flange Bulkhead Fitting (Tank Adapters) have large hex head flanges to ensure fast and safe installation on oversized tanks. 
  • CCP Series Tank-Tite Fittings (½” to 3”, PVC Compression Fitting). The new proprietary design can resist any changes to the wall’s thickness due to temperature and/or pressure changes. At the same time, a constant load is introduced to resist the loosening of the nut due to vibration. 

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