Blackhawk Supply offers over 400 outside temperature sensor models for you to choose from. We've got what you need, no matter the application!
View Details Veris HO3XMSX RH Outdoor | 3% | 4-20mA  | Blackhawk Supply
View Details Siemens QAC3161 OUTDR TMP SNSR, 0-10V, -58-122F, PLASTIC  | Blackhawk Supply
$41.85 each
View Details Veris TOAM10 Temp | Outdoor | Xmtr | 4-20mA | -58 to 122F  | Blackhawk Supply
$139.48 each
View Details Senva Sensors CT1O-A3D CO2 OUTDOOR LCD NOTEMP  | Blackhawk Supply
Brand: Senva Sensors
$139.48 each
View Details Siemens QAC3171 OUTDR TMP SNSR, 4-20mA, -58-122F, PLSTIC  | Blackhawk Supply
$135.24 each
View Details Belimo 22UT-54 Outside Temp Sensor A MULT  | Blackhawk Supply
$115.72 each
View Details Belimo 22UTH-53 Outside Temp+Hum Sensor A  | Blackhawk Supply
$104.85 each
View Details Veris HO2XMSTD RH Outdoor | 2% | 4-20mA | Temp | 10k T2  | Blackhawk Supply
$199.10 each
View Details Veris TOAV20 Temp | Outdoor | Xmtr | 5/10V | 32-122F  | Blackhawk Supply
$241.14 each
View Details Veris HO2XVSTC RH Outdoor | 2% | 5/10VDC | Temp | 1k Pt  | Blackhawk Supply
$199.10 each
View Details Senva Sensors CO2O-A Outside Air, CO2, LCD, Heater  | Blackhawk Supply
$241.14 each
View Details Veris TOHR00 Temp | Outdoor | 10k T3  | Blackhawk Supply
$255.06 each


Comprehensive Selection of Outside Temperature Sensors 

We offer a wide range of outside temperature sensors from leading manufacturers in the industry. Each brand provides unique features and benefits to suit various applications.

ACI Sensors

ACI offers a range of sensors designed to protect the sensor from direct sunlight while still measuring the maximum amount of airflow to get an accurate air temperature reading. The sun shields on ACI sensors are specifically designed to prevent damage from sunlight and ensure accurate readings.

Belimo Sensors

Belimo provides temperature sensors that are compatible with BACnet and Modbus communication protocols, ensuring seamless integration into your existing systems.

Mamac Sensors

Mamac features a variety of temperature and humidity sensors designed for outdoor applications. These sensors are designed to withstand harsh conditions and prevent damage to the sensor, ensuring accurate and reliable readings in any environment.

Veris Sensors

Veris offers durable and reliable outdoor temperature sensors, including the HO3XMSX and TOAM10 models, which are our 1st and 2nd best-selling items in this category. These sensors are designed to deliver accurate temperature readings even in the harshest conditions.

Siemens Sensors

Siemens provides a range of outside air temperature sensors with different output specifications to suit your application needs. These sensors provide precise and reliable temperature readings in various outdoor applications.

Senva Sensors

Senva offers outside air CO2 sensors with LCD and heater, although this specific model is currently obsolete. These sensors are devised to provide accurate CO2 readings in diverse outdoor applications.

Variety of Sensor Types

There are several types of outside temperature sensors, each designed for specific applications and requirements.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors measure the air temperature outside your home or building. They are essential for maintaining the perfect temperature inside and ensuring that any outside HVAC systems do not freeze or overheat.

Humidity Sensors

Humidity sensors measure the moisture level in the air. Some models, like the HU-227-3-MA-4 by Mamac, measure both temperature and humidity, providing a comprehensive solution for monitoring outdoor air quality.

CO2 Sensors

CO2 sensors measure the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. Although not listed in our best-selling products, they are crucial for monitoring air quality and ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment.


In conclusion, outside temperature sensors are essential for maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment in any building. They provide accurate and reliable temperature, humidity, and CO2 readings in various outdoor applications. Whether you're looking for a sensor for a new installation or a replacement for an existing system, we have a wide selection to meet your specific needs.

In addition to our wide selection of outside temperature sensors, Blackhawk Supply also carries bulk packs for industrial projects and offers a wide range of products and product lines for various applications. From HVAC controls and plumbing supplies to electrical and building automation products, we have everything you need for your projects. Contact us today for more information on our products, bulk orders, and custom solutions. Our team of experts is here to help you with all your needs.

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