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Butterfly Valves

More About Butterfly Valves

Choose from 1,776 different butterfly valves for your next heating and cooling project.

Butterfly valves help to regulate the fluids going through pipes. Similar to a ball, globe, and zone valve.

We work with manufacturers Belimo & KMC to ensure the water systems are more effective at stopping the leak and reducing the power consumption required to manage the flow of liquids.

Butterfly valves can work with more powerful applications such as pressurized pipelines and space-restrictive locations. That is why they have a coefficient flow of variable (Cv) between 100 and 9,712 Cv. The ball and globe have a lower Cv.

The large amount of liquids flowing into a butterfly valve is why the device has models with openings as large as 30” inches. The devices have the option for both 2 or 3-way valves.

1,032 butterfly valves also have an end switch to stop objects from moving past the device.

Other characteristics to choose from when determining the butterfly valve for your next project include the control input, housing, spring return, and voltage:

Control input

  • Belimo MFT (Modulating)
  • Floating
  • Manual
  • Modulating
  • On/Off


  • NEMA 2
  • NEMA 4
  • NEMA 4H
  • NEMA 4X
  • NEMA 4XH

Spring return

  • Electronic Fail-Safe
  • Non-Spring Return
  • Spring Return


  • 100-240V
  • 120V
  • 230V
  • 24-240V
  • 24V
  • Manual

Do you have questions about which butterfly valve works best for your needs?

Which butterfly valve works best for your next project? If you are not sure or have trouble between a few different options, let us know how we can help you.

With over 1,776 options in our inventory, it is challenging to know which one works best for your needs.

At Blackhawk Supply, we can have our dedicated team to help you find the best solution for your needs. Contact our team today for assistance!

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