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We have over 18,000 control valves in our stock: ball, butterfly, CCV, zone valves: you name it! You'll find Belimo, Erie, Hayward Flow, and other industry leaders. Place your order today!
View Details B211B+TR24-SR-T US | CCV | 0.5" | 2 Way | 1.9 Cv | w/ Non-Spg | 24V | 2-10V | Belimo
$174.60 each
View Details B225+LF24-MFT US | CCV | 1" | 2 Way | 30 Cv | w/ Spg Rtn | 24V | MFT | Belimo
$455.85 each


More About Control Valves

At Blackhawk Supply we help you find the best control valves for every repair, rehab, or construction project. To help you, we provide you with a wide selection of high-quality control valves that fit your project needs.

What does a control valve do? 

Control valves have multiple purposes. For example, the ball, CCV ball, globe, and pressure independent valves control the flow of air in an HVAC system. The butterfly valve controls the movement of liquids in a waste treatment system.

All the valves for the HVAC have different functions. Often people use ball valves because they are economical, or globe valves for a better flow. The CCV ball valve is a newer option that falls in the middle of the two standard products to that control the flow of air in an HVAC system.

The pressure independent valve combines a control valve with automated technology to regulate the flow as needed.

High-quality components

Most high-quality control valves on the market today use brass because it won’t fail when exposed to high temperature or pressure. Additionally, brass does not rust, degrade, or erode.

Smart engineering is essential

At the same time, even the highest quality brass fails when the fitting does not use the highest quality engineering processes. Your fittings need to handle high levels of pressure and heat. That is why our control valves work with the rest of your system to offer you a consistent level of quality.

You’ll find a variety of high-quality control valves on Blackhawk Supply. We only work with quality manufacturers like Belimo and Johnson Controls. Our selection of control valves works for a wide variety of scenarios. Plus, as an added benefit we make sure your control valves don’t break your bank account either.

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