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Siemens Temperature Sensors to Power Up Your HVAC Automation

Siemens, a prominent player in the field of automation and control technology, is known for producing highly accurate and durable sensors that seamlessly integrate with various systems.

Blackhawk Supply offers a diverse range of Siemens outside temperature sensors, encompassing various element types and sensor options, catering to a wide spectrum of monitoring requirements:

Element Type

  • 100K: Ideal for applications requiring high resistance values, suitable for precise temperature measurements.

  • 10K Type II & Type III: Offers reliable temperature sensing for a broad range of conditions, ensuring compatibility with various HVAC systems.

  • 1K (Platinum): Provides exceptional accuracy and stability, perfect for critical temperature monitoring applications.

  • mA or VDC Output: Sensors with current (mA) or voltage (VDC) outputs are available, allowing for flexible integration with different control systems.

Sensor Type

  • Temp and Humidity: Sensors that simultaneously measure temperature and humidity, available in varying accuracy levels (2%, 3%), to support comprehensive environmental monitoring.

  • Temperature: Dedicated temperature sensors for applications where precise temperature readings are critical.

Sensor Configuration

Siemens outside temperature sensors are designed for specific installation environments, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy:

  • Outdoor Air: Specially configured for external environments, these sensors are encased in durable housings to withstand harsh weather conditions.

  • Room Only: Designed for indoor applications, these sensors offer accurate temperature and humidity readings within building spaces.

Voltage Options

To cater to different system requirements, Siemens sensors are compatible with various power supplies:

  • 24VAC/DC: Versatile sensors that can operate with either AC or DC power, suitable for a wide range of control systems.

  • 24VDC: Specifically designed for systems that utilize a 24VDC power supply, ensuring reliable sensor operation.

Applications and Use Cases

Siemens outside temperature sensors from Blackhawk Supply are ideal for a multitude of applications:

  • HVAC Control: Enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of HVAC systems by accurately monitoring outdoor conditions.

  • Energy Management: Utilize precise temperature and humidity data to optimize building energy usage, reducing operational costs.

  • Building Automation Systems (BAS): Seamlessly integrate sensors into BAS for advanced climate control and improved indoor comfort.

Siemens Sensors: Strong Contender or Must-Have?

Blackhawk Supply's selection of Siemens outside temperature sensors offers the precision, durability, and versatility needed for modern HVAC and building automation applications.

Whether you're looking to monitor outdoor air conditions or require detailed temperature and humidity data for indoor spaces, Siemens has the solution. Explore the Blackhawk Supply catalog and equip your projects with sensors that promise reliability and performance.

For assistance in selecting the right sensor for your needs, contact Blackhawk Supply's expert team today.

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