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Valve Actuators

View Details ARX24-MFT | Valve Actuator | Non-Spg | 24V | MFT | Belimo
$220.65 each
View Details GMX24-MFT-X1 | Valve Actuator | Non-Spg | 24V | MFT | Belimo
$300.44 each
View Details AFX24-MFT-X1 | Valve Actuator | Spg Rtn | 24V | MFT | Belimo
$279.62 each
View Details AFRX24-MFT | Valve Actuator | Spg Rtn | 24V | MFT | Belimo
$292.81 each
View Details PRBUP-MFT-T | Valve Actuator | Non-Spring | 24-240V | MFT | Belimo
$1,710.67 each
View Details LRX24-MFT | Valve Actuator | Non-Spg | 24V | MFT | Belimo
$164.45 each

More About Valve Actuators

Choose from almost 400 different valve actuators available on Blackhawk Supply.

The valve actuators open and close the valve in the system. This process helps regulate the flow of fluids, gases, and other items through the pipes.

In essence, valve actuators are at the heart of making sure the entire system works. To ensure the highest quality valve actuators, we work with quality manufacturers like Belimo and Siemens.

Valve actuators are common in industrial locations like:

  • wastewater treatment plants
  • refineries
  • factories
  • mines
  • pipelines
  • power plants.

Most industrial locations use automated processing to ensure long-term smooth operations. The valve actuator assists in the automation process.

The valve actuator can automate the process either with pneumatic pressure or electronics. It varies based on what actuator your location needs.

Most actuators use automated Open or Closed settings to ensure items move in the correct direction. The automated systems safety functions perform two different functions.

  • Determine whether the pipe suffered any damage
  • Examine how the pipe handles the flow of fluids

We carry two different types of valve actuators: electric and pneumatic.

As the name suggests, the electric valve actuator uses an electric motor to operate the valves efficiently.

Conversely, the pneumatic valve actuators use air pressure to provide movement in the pipes. We offer a dozen different pneumatic valve actuators for your specific needs.

Also, many valve actuators use spring and non-return springs. Most of our Belimo products are electronic controlled valve actuators.

Do you have any questions about which valve actuator to use for your next project? How can we help?

We have close to 400 different valve actuators at Blackhawk Supply. Let us know which one you like the most, and we will work to get you the right one for your next project. Contact our support team if you have any questions.

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