Find Networking Gateways from KMC and Contemporary Controls from BACnet IP, Modbus, Modbus TCP, and Sedona communication options. Shop today!


We carry three gateways at Blackhawk Supply to protect and direct the data entering or leaving your network.

Learn more about Gateways

As the name suggests, gateways serve as the protectors or gates to your network. They decide whether an outside system can connect to yours.

The network devices play a crucial role in the internet since no network could connect to another system without a stable gateway. Gateways do this by identifying other networks through their IP address to ensure only safe data gets through.

How do Blackhawk Supply gateways work?

To protect your network, we only use gateways that rely on secure communication systems. These include the BACnet IP, Modbus, Modbus TCP, and Sedona protocols.

Additionally, we rely upon top manufacturers like Contemporary Controls and KMC to run our gateways. We offer three gateways at Blackhawk Supply with an overview of each one below. Learn more about each model on their respective product page.

BASGLX-M1- A Contemporary Controls gateway with both a Modbus and BACnet network interface. The gateway uses a 10/100 MPS ethernet port.

BAC-5051E- The sole KMC gateway we offer has a router with BACnet and IP/Enet/Single MSTP protocol options.

BASR-8M- The BAS Remote series offers what the manufacturer calls a “flexible building block.” The block integrates the building automation systems. The BASR-8M has six universal I/O, as well as two relay outputs that you can configure through a resident web page.

All three of our models protect your network when communicating with outside systems. Choose the gateway that works best for your needs today.

Final Thoughts

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