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Control Supplies

Get all the control supplies you need from control valves, valve actuators, damper actuators, sensors, networking routers, displays, and variable frequency drives.

More About Control Supplies

Meet your requirements for control supplies

Do you need control supplies? Look no further! Blackhawk Supply has everything you need. We offer a wide selection of high-quality control supply products.

Are you searching for a particular product or spare part? We carry a big selection of popular brands and items, so you can find what you need. We also pride ourselves on quick and efficient delivery after you placed your order.

Our control supplies categories include:

You can use our control supplies to improve the operations of your electrical, HVAC, and plumbing in your home, office, or building. We offer control supplies that work for both residential and industrial purposes.

Whatever your control supply needs are we can help you monitor and control the flow of power, water, and air in your building.

Monitoring Systems

Many of our control supplies like the Display and Sensors check the movements of power, air, and water through your home. Using automation, the networking routers and displays work together to help you know what happens in your building.

Controlling Functions

Smart controllers are popular today and another component of automation. The valve and damper actuators control the flow of the pipes.

They operate independently, or according to a schedule you create to conserve energy. The automation saves green both in your pocket and the environment.

Control supplies reporting functions

Modern controllers provide loads of data. This information includes energy consumption, efficiency ratings, and more.

These reports help you fine-tune the system, so you can enjoy the comfort and convenience you want in your home without spending extra money.