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We offer over 100 power supplies with different types (AC/DC), input, and output measures. Take your pick from pristine products from brands like Mamac, Schneider Electric, and others!
View Details PSP24DA | ENCLOSED GENERAL PURPOSE DC SUPPLY, 24Vac Input | Functional Devices
$38.10 each
View Details PSH100A100A | Enclosed Dual 100VA 120 to 24Vac UL class 2 power supply | Functional Devices
$171.95 each


More About Power Supplies

Get both AC to AC and AC to DC power supplies for your HVAC system.

The power supplies we offer at Blackhawk Supply help you with two functions:

  1. adapt the power from a higher to lower power supply
  2. transform the power from AC to DC power when necessary

In an HVAC system, it is important to have the right amount of power circulating through the system to ensure you control the system at the right temperature.

One thing that affect the HVAC system is the transition between Alternating Current(AC) and Direct Current(DC) power. AC is better at transmitting power over long distances, but DC is preferred due to its reliability and strength.

The VA for AC to AC and AC to DC power supplies that we use for HVAC systems range between 40-100VA

AC to AC

We offer 115 different AC to AC power supplies from Functional Devices to help you transform power from a higher to lower voltage.

The devices have power input ranges from 120-480VAC to an output of 24VAC.

AC to DC

We have 134 different AC to DC power supply models from Functional Devices, ACI, and Mamac.

The input goes from 24VAC to 480VAC. The output options our AC to DC power supplies include the 24VAC, 24VDC, and the Adjustable DC.

You can power the AC to DC power supply unit itself with either AC or DC power.

Do you have further power supplies questions?

The power to your HVAC system is a crucial component to your heating and cooling needs. If you want to ensure it works, then you need to direct the right power supply to the system. The power supplies we offer at Blackhawk Supply accomplish this goal. If you have any further questions about our power supplies, contact us today.

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