NEMA-rated Contactors are available. Magnetic starters and relays for controlling electric motors and other loads. Buy now at Blackhawk Supply.
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C7400C2007 | ENTHALPY SENSOR | Honeywell
Brand: Honeywell
SKU: C7400C2007
$42.40 each


Contactors and Overload Relays devices are designed to handle loads in the electric on and off circuit switches. Contactors are used in high-current capacity applications (three-phase loads), and protection relays are commonly used in low-current and low-voltage equipment (single-phase loads).

Blackhawk Supply offers a variety of equipment for the feed, control, and protection of electric motors. NEMA Contactors are durable devices with built-in reserve capacity typically used in most North American applications while IEC Contactors are modular solutions found in specific motors. Additionally, our store has a selection of Definite Purpose Contactors for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC) devices as well as Manual Switches.

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