Steel SAE O-Ring Fittings

With over 100 steel SAE O-ring fittings in our stock, you can rest assured that you will find exactly what you need for your next plumbing project.
View Details 6802NWO68 | 9/16-18X3/4-16 MJICXMORB 45 ELB | Midland Metal Mfg.
$11.08 each
View Details 6801NWO1016 | 7/8-14X1-5/16-12 JICXOR EL CONN | Midland Metal Mfg.
$24.84 each
View Details 6902NWO86 | 3/4-16X3/8 MORBXFNPSM 45 SWV ADPT | Midland Metal Mfg.
$10.96 each
View Details 6902NWO84 | 3/4-16X1/4 MORBXFNPS 45 SWV ADPT | Midland Metal Mfg.
$5.13 each
View Details 6902NWO68 | 9/16X1/2 OR 45 SWV ADPT | Midland Metal Mfg.
6902NWO68 | 9 / 16X1 / 2 OR 45 SWV ADPT | Midland Metal Mfg.
Brand: Midland Metal Mfg.
SKU: 6902NWO68
$16.12 each
View Details 6902NWO46 | 7/16-20X3/8 MORBXFNPSM 45 SWV ADPT | Midland Metal Mfg.
$21.06 each
View Details 6901NWO42 | 7/16-20X1/8 MORXFNPSM 90 ADPT. | Midland Metal Mfg.
$3.61 each


More About Steel SAE O-Ring Fittings

What Is a BSPT Pipe Fitting?

A British Standard Pipe Thread, or BSPT, is a type of threaded pipe connector. It is commonly used in the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries. BSPT connectors have a tapered thread that allows them to be screwed into place by hand. They are often used to connect hoses to taps, valves, or other fittings.

BSPT connectors are not compatible with NPT (National Pipe Thread) or other types of threaded pipe fittings. If you need to connect BSPT threads to another type of thread, you will need to use adapters that will allow you to connect BSPT threads to NPT threads, and vice versa.

If you're not sure what type of thread you have, take a look at the end of the pipe or fitting. If it has a tapered thread, it's likely a BSPT connector. If it has a straight thread, it's likely an NPT connector. While BSPT connectors are not as common as NPT connectors, they are still widely used in many applications.

What Is a BSPP Fitting?

A British Standard Parallel Pipe fitting (BSPP) is a threaded pipe fitting that allows two pipes to be joined together. The fittings are available in both imperial and metric sizes and are most commonly used in plumbing applications. They are also known as G1/4-inch fittings, respectively.

BSPP fittings are defined by their thread size, which is measured in inches for imperial sizes, and in millimeters for metric sizes. The word "parallel" in the name refers to the fact that the threads on these fittings are parallel to each other, as opposed to tapered threads (such as NPT or BSPT). This allows for a tight seal to be created without the need for thread sealant, which can be difficult to apply to tapered threads.

BSPP fittings are most commonly used in Europe and Asia and are not as common in North America. However, they are becoming more popular in recent years as more and more plumbing applications require the use of threaded fittings.

There are two main types of BSPP fittings: straight and elbow. Straight fittings are used to connect two pipes that run in a straight line, while elbow fittings are used to connect two pipes that run at an angle. There are also various other types of BSPP fittings available, such as tee fittings, cross fittings, and coupling fittings.

Blackhawk Supply BSPP BSPT Pipe Fittings Selection

If you are looking for pipe fittings, Blackhawk Supply has a wide selection of BSPP and BSPT fittings to choose from. Whether you need a tee, elbow, or union, we have the perfect fitting for your application. Our pipe fittings are made from high-quality materials and are designed to provide a secure, leak-free connection. Order your BSPP or BSPT fitting today!

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