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View Details CMC-1001 | Controller: Positioner, Plastic | KMC
$88.03 each
View Details BASR-8M | BAS Remote Master 6 Universal I/O + 2 Relay | Contemporary Controls
$345.63 each
View Details CSP-5001 | Controller: VAV, CCW Close, 50 in-lbs | KMC
$180.83 each
View Details CSC-2009 | Controller: VAV, DA/NO, 0-2", Beige | KMC
$90.71 each
View Details CSC-2003 | Controller: VAV, DA/NO, 0-1", Beige | KMC
$90.71 each

More About Controllers

Choose from 48 different networking controllers for your heating and cooling needs.

What is a controller?

A networking controller works in tandem with the ethernet to ensure the network can see your server. Computers need the controller to connect to the network. The controller talks to the system’s devices through software.

Most computers now come with a controller because of the uniformity of ethernet standards over the past few decades.  

What type of controller do I need?

At Blackhawk Supply, we carry over 48 controller models to help with various communication needs. Since the majority of our controllers work on the HVAC system, it is good to have some flexibility in which network controller you use.

Furthermore, you can use these controllers in commercial and industrial heating buildings.

At Blackhawk Supply, choose between multiple communications systems such as the BACnet IP, Modbus TCP, and Sedona family of protocols.

The vast majority of Blackhawk Supply controllers operate on a power source between 4-24 VAC/VDC.

Two controllers model we offer even have a gateway that protects transfers from Modbus to BACnet ethernet servers. These two versions work with ethernet ports of various sizes to help the internet flow smoother.

Additionally, we carry six universal controllers. These specific models have unlimited options on how to accept inputs into the system. All controllers have a range of inputs and outputs to continue the flow of data through these devices.

Contemporary Controls and KMC manufacture the highest quality network controllers to connect your network.

Final Thoughts

Do you have any questions about how to use a network controller for your location? Our team has experience integrating network controllers with heating and cooling systems.

If you need help, feel free to contact our team at 847-773-0645. We are here to answer your network controller questions.


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