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Valve actuators offer easy valve control for the transport of fluids within your piping system. Our actuator-ready valves are ideal for reliable remote control for all fluid flow processes and are designed for quick mounting while offering accurate alignment and support. Polymer-based actuators are built with efficiency and longevity in mind. Their plastic construction ensures easy installation and resistance to rust and corrosion and can resist hostile corrosive environments even without coatings. Proper sizing will depend on the amount of force applied within the system and depend on the minimum and maximum supply pressure, actuator type, fail mode, and valve torque. 

Types of Valve Actuators:

  • Quarter-Turn Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators - used in applications where electric power isn’t readily available or when the system calls for a simple and reliable solution. These actuators are versatile in that they are capable of delivering as low as a few inch-pounds of torque to as high as a million-inch pounds of torque. 
  • Multi-Turn Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators - also a viable option for when electricity isn’t readily available. They are most applicable in linear-type valves, such as a gate valve or a globe valve (areas that call for multi-turn output).
  • Quarter-Turn Electric Actuators - powered by electricity, these actuators have final elements that operate under a single quadrant, covering 90 degrees of rotation. They have lower requirements than multi-turns and are mostly used in smaller valves. 
  • Multi-Turn Electric Actuators - the most common type of actuators and are the most dependable. They are usually powered by a single or three-phase motor that transfers the torque applied to a combination of gears and spurs. 
  • Manual Actuators - these types of actuators do not have an external power source and do not have the option of remote operation. They instead rely on levers, wheels, and/or gears for movement. 

Benefits of Actuator-Ready Valves at Black Hawk Supply:

  • Supports Proportional Flow Rates - offers two linear flow curves for fast opening and slow opening for accurate control of downstream flow rate. 
  • Corrosion-Resistant - made from high-quality polymers, actuator-ready valves will survive harsh environments and weather conditions without any need for coating. 
  • Proprietary Design - proprietary ball design supports slow and fast open flow rate, which can be interchanged by reversing the ball in the valve. 
  • Work Well with Positioners - can be installed along with actuators with positioners for automated modulation service applications. 
  • Fast Delivery - all orders follow a short processing window and are shipped immediately to ensure they arrive as quickly as possible. 
  • Lowest Prices Guaranteed - we follow standard industry prices for all valves in stock. 




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