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A421ABC Cord & Cable Assembly
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More About Temperature Controllers

All HVAC systems require control systems to monitor the operation cycle of the system. Temperature controllers are a type of control system commonly found in thermostats. They sense the actual temperature of the environment and compare that with a targeted state.

How Are Temperature Controllers Used?

In HVAC systems, temperature controllers take inputs from a temperature sensor. The sensor is usually a bimetallic disk or coil that emits an output signal to control an external feature. This external feature can be a heater, cooler, or a fan which responds to the temperature controller to raise or lower the temperature.

What Types of Temperature Controllers are Available?

Like all control systems, temperature controllers are found in a variety of industries. In HVAC systems, they ensure the safe and efficient operation of inner components. Based on their design, they can be sorted into four categories, which are micro, proportional, on-off, and digital.

Like their name suggests, micro-controllers’ miniature design helps them fit into tight environments to monitor temperatures. They are easy to install on an existing circuit and require no additional controls to function.

Unlike the micro-controller, the proportional temperature controller is bigger. It operates at various time intervals. Some proportional controllers come with preset times, such as every one or two hours while others allow the user to set their own time intervals based on their needs.

On-off controllers are simpler than proportional controllers. They offer limited control and do not contain any interval settings. Their primary control is the on-off switch. Once the controller receives a temperature input, it turns the system on until the environment reaches that same temperature input before shutting off.

Digital temperature controllers contain modern technology and are the most precise. They must be tuned based on standard conditions before they can be used. However, some digital controllers tune themselves, and most can measure and control the external temperature to within 1 degree.

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