NVT70PE | 7.0
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Brand: AirtekSKU: NVT70PE
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NVT70PE | 7.0" LCD BACNet Operator Touch Display Panel (B-OD) | Airtek

Airtek | NVT70PE
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Details for NVT70PE

7.0" LCD BACNet Operator Touch Display Panel (B-OD)

NVT70P graphic touch screen is a BACnet ( B-OD ) level operator display panel ( BTL Approved ) . It uses can be selected as an Ethernet, Bacnet IP or MSTP ( 9600bps to 76,800bps ) Communication and can be remotely mounted up to 1,200M away. Ideal for mounting at the reception desk, managers room or on the front of a mechanical switch board.

The screen back ground image can be made using any graphic software, then use the free AIRTEK HMI software to assign points and animated graphics to the existing image, down load to the screen using a standard micro USB cable and you are finished.

The screen can read/write data or Schedules on any Bacnet BTL approved device on the MSTP network. It can also A single screen can control multiple devices or Multiple screens can control a single device on the network. It can also be used as a commissioning tool.


  • BACnet B-OD control panel conforms ASHRAE BACnet MS/TP standard
  • Ethernet communication interface can be either BACnet Ethernet(ISO-8802-2) or the BACnet/IP communication protocol.
  • 7.0” screen, 262K colors, touch screen TFT LCD, 800*480 pixel, setup with AIRTEK BACsoft software, can support up to 65,536 colors.
  • Four + I + II + III function keys, is system setup key. I, II, and III can be set up as function keys for switch display pages.
  • Update firmware and upload graphic pages by using a Micro USB cable.
  • 128M Bytes fonts and graphic memory. Actual number of pages depends on each page data size (Typically 24 pages).
  • The panel can read property of a BACnet device on the network. The reading property can be logic, value, list, string, object, time, date, or listing status of a bit string.
  • Display incoming alarm notification messages from any device on the network. Most recent 80 messages will be stored in the message history.
  • The panel can modify Calendar/Schedules that any B-AAC & B-BC device on the BACNET MS/TP network, compliant to SCHED-VM-A (BIBB - Scheduling-View and Modify-A)
  • 10 password levels, users can setup up to 20 passwords.
  • Has a BACnet MS/TP network communication quality monitor function.
  • Time synchronizes function. Selectable to broadcast on the BACnet network.


Item Number NVT70PE
Brand Airtek
Size 7.0 in


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