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Sensors by Belimo

Belimo Sensors

Belimo is a worldwide pioneer in the development, production, and marketing of actuators and valves. These devices are used for ventilation, air-conditioning, and heating systems. Belimo offers products that provide seamless integration, greater reliability, and easy installation. Such products work with all major Building Automation Systems, or BAS.

Product Range for Belimo Sensors

Belimo offers a variety of first-class sensors for its products. These include:

  • Temperature Sensors

    These provide reliable and accurate temperature readings for optimal comfort and improved energy efficiency. Easy installation and compatibility with BAS are in mind for the designs of outdoor air, duct, and pipe temperature sensors
  • Humidity Sensors

    It is paramount for personnel comfort and protection of building infrastructure to be able to control structural humidity. This is most essential in places like production facilities, museums, and warehouses. Durable ducts, outdoor air and condensation sensors by Belimo are made with top-class materials. This ensures redundancy in use, superior accuracy, and reliability. Using humidity with temperature sensors provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution.
  • Air Quality Sensors

    Air quality sensors provide comfort for personnel, as well as increased energy efficiency. Such sensors offer detection for carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity. This ensures greater air quality and maximized energy savings over every building’s life cycle
  • Pressure Sensors

    Belimo’s pressure sensors are capable of measuring either high, low, or medium-level pressures in either water or air. Reliable monitoring can be achieved as a result of precise measurements in pressure, differential pressure, and velocity. Varied options for measuring ranges are also available for flexibility in applications

Benefits of Using Belimo Sensors

With over four decades of experience and research, sensors by Belimo have proven to be critical to the entire HVAC industry. Unique designs and easier installations result in lower costs and better systemic performance.

  • Seamless sensors are suitable for varied uses in HVAC applications
  • Reliable materials are used for the production of Belimo sensors
  • Intuitive designs allow for easier installments and commissioning
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