120vac secondary electrical transformers

We offer transformers with both single and double hubs, as well as various primary voltage and circuit breaker configurations. Place your order today!


We have eight 120VAC secondary electrical transformers to help with your next electrical project.

When a circuit moves across the building, you need a primary electrical transformer to receive the energy and the secondary to convert the electricity into a larger or smaller amount of power.

Together the two devices transform electricity safely across your circuits. The 120 VAC electrical transformers conduct electricity safely up to 120 volts of alternating current.

The focus of this page is on finding the best secondary transformers to help you safely conduct electricity through your building.

Functional Devices and Veris manufacture eight different 120VAC secondary electrical transformers. The three Functional Devices products are U.S.-made.

Furthermore, six of the eight electrical transformers have circuit breakers to provide an additional level of safety.

The electrical transformers are mounted either at the base or through hub thread. Blackhawk Supply offers both single and dual hubs threads to connect the transformer to the system.

The VA ratings for our electrical transformers range from 40 to 150 volt-amperes.

Additional features for the secondary electrical transformers include:

Primary Transformer

  • 120V
  • 208V
  • 240V
  • 277V
  • 480V

How can we help you find the best electrical transformer for your needs?

You want to do the best job for your electrical project. That is why we have an exclusive list of 120VAC electrical transformers for your home, office, or building.

At Blackhawk Supply we only use the best materials, so you do not have to worry about shoddy products delaying your project or costing you money.

If you have any questions about which transformer to use, then let us help you. Our team is ready to answer your questions. Contact us today to find the best 24 VAC electrical transformer for your project.

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