120V Coil Electrical Relays

View Details RIB2401C | Enclosed Relay 10Amp SPDT 24Vac/dc or 120Vac | Functional Devices
$8.91 each
View Details RIBU1C | Enclosed Relay 10Amp SPDT 10-30Vac/dc/120Vac | Functional Devices
$10.14 each
View Details RIB2421C | Enclosed Relay 10Amp SPDT 24Vac/dc/120-277Vac | Functional Devices
$13.11 each

More About 120V Coil Electrical Relays

Select the best electrical relay from the 115 products we carry in our store for your next electrical project.

Our electrical relays protect your electrical systems. The relays transfer power from higher to lower circuits. In essence, the electrical relay is a safety device that ensures the correct flow of energy throughout your building.

Without it, your building would be more susceptible to surges in your circuits that could fry out your electrical system way too fast.

That is why if you want to protect your high energy applications, you can use our high rated 120V coil electrical relay. They work on household applications like electrical control systems, HVAC, and home automation systems.

We work with manufacturers such as ACI, Functional Devices, and Veris. Their products ensure you get the highest quality relays for your electrical systems.

Blackhawk Supply carries two coils with encapsulation and 63 enclosed devices to protect your relays in difficult environments.

We carry 23 socketed electrical relays to help you connect with other devices inside the larger system.

Finally, we offer 27 electrical relays with track mounting to ensure you can fit multiple devices on the same application.

Electrical Relays Type

  • Dry Contact
  • Optical Isolated
  • Pilot
  • Pilot w Enclosure
  • Power

How can we assist you in finding the right electrical relay for your next project?

Take a look through our 115 different electrical relays available on our store. You should be able to find an electrical relay that works for your next electrical project. If you can’t find the best relay for your needs, then let us know how we can help you. The Blackhawk Supply team has a thorough understanding of all the products on our site.

Learn more about our 5-star customer service by contacting us today, so we can answer your questions. We look forward to helping you find the best electrical for your needs.

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