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We offer 3,000+ globe valves from leading manufacturers such as Siemens and Belimo: Electronic Fail-Safe, Non-Spring Return, and Spring Return models.
View Details Siemens VMP42.12(2) 2-WAY VALVE ASSEMBLY, 1.17 CV | Control Valve  | Blackhawk Supply
$1,313.55 each
View Details Siemens VMP42.14(2) 2 WAY VALVE ASSEMBLY, 2.92 CV | Control Valve  | Blackhawk Supply
$816.30 each
View Details Schneider Electric VB-9213-0-5-12 VB: 2-1/2 in, 2W, Globe, FLG, UO, BR, 56 cv  | Blackhawk Supply
$613.80 each
View Details Siemens VMP42.13(2) 2 WAY VALVE ASSEMBLY, 1.87 CV | Control Valve  | Blackhawk Supply
$118.40 each
View Details Siemens VMP42.10(2) 2 WAY VALVE ASSEMBLY, .47 CV | Control Valve  | Blackhawk Supply
$174.58 each


If you had 2,051 globe valves, could you find one that works for your next HVAC project? Great! Now you have a workable solution.

Globe valves limit the flow of water through pipes. Because of their twisting handle, they slowly close, so you do not get water hammer like you would with a quick closing valve.

A superior globe valve reduces the amount of water pressure in the pipes and safeguards the system from damage. To confirm your globe valve functions, we partner with Belimo to manufacture our globe valves.

The globe valves we use range in size between .5” to 6” inches. You can choose if you want the valve size to come with either a 2 or 3-way valve.

The flexibility in the number of valve sizes allows the flow to vary between .4 to 344 Cv (Coefficient of Variation). The Cv value determines how many gallons per minute can fit through the pipes.

Moreover, 366 globe valves have an end switch to stop objects at the device from going farther.

Other globe valve characteristics to consider for your project include the control input, spring return, and voltage.

Control input

  • 0-135 ohms
  • Floating
  • Modulating
  • On/Off
  • Belimo MFT (Modulating)

Spring return

  • Electronic Fail-Safe
  • Non-Spring Return
  • Spring Return


  • 120V
  • 24-240V
  • 24V

What globe valve do you need for your next project?

We know that offering 2,051 different globe valves makes it easy to ensure we have the right device for your next project.

At the same time, the wide variety of characteristics combined with an extensive inventory make it difficult to find the exact globe valve for your needs.

If you need an opinion on which globe valve to use for your heating and cooling project, let us know how we can help you. Contact Blackhawk Supply today.

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