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Measurlogic | MLG-WCT-0960-200 | Current Transformer | Split Core 200A
Measurlogic | MLG-WCT-3500-800 | Current Transformer | Split Core 800A
Measurlogic | MLG-WCT-1700-400 | Current Transformer | Split Core 400A
Measurlogic | MLG-WCT-0620-50 | Current Transformer | Split Core 50A
Measurlogic | MLG-WCT-0620-20 | Current Transformer | Split Core 20A
Measurlogic | MLG-WCT-0620-100 | Current Transformer | Split Core 100A
Measurlogic | DTS 310 | Energy Meter | SNMP Interface
Measurlogic | DTS 310 | Energy Meter | SNMP Interface
Measurlogic sku: DTS 310-34-ES-N-N
Measurlogic | DTS 310 | Energy Meter | Modbus TCP Interface
Measurlogic | DTS 310 | Energy Meter | Lonworks FT-10 Interface
Measurlogic | DTS 310 | Energy Meter | BACnet/IP Interface
Measurlogic | DTS 307 | Energy Meter | RS-485 Modbus Interface
Measurlogic | DTS 307 | Energy Meter | Pulse Interface
Measurlogic | DTS 307 | Energy Meter | Pulse Interface
Measurlogic sku: DTS 307-34-NN-P-N

More About Measurlogic

Why Buy Measurlogic Products?

Measurlogic started in 2000 as a designer, manufacturer, and technical expert of energy mitigation products, precision instrumentation, electrical monitoring meters, and energy management systems. The company headquarters are in Colorado, and they serve both the commercial and industrial markets in the US and internationally.

Measurlogic provides their customers with affordable and practical energy management solutions. All Measurlogic products can easily integrate into existing building management systems for automation, energy monitoring, and SCADA control.

Measurlogic meters also work with local analog readouts without being connected to a system.

What are Some Measurlogic Products?

Measurlogic organizes their products into five main categories. They are electric submeters, current sensors, demand control, power conditioning, and software.

The electric submeters include an extensive line of AC and DC options that increase the energy efficiency of a building.

The current sensors are easy to install and include split core, solid core, rope current transformer types, and more.

The demand control products help property owners conserve energy and save money on their utility costs.

The power conditioning products are cost-effective solutions for a sag, interruption, or surge in power. They reduce power quality issues and eliminate lost production time or damaged products caused by voltage disruptions.

The software operates exclusively with Measurlogic metering devices. You can download the continuously updated software from the Measurlogic website.

What are Some Popular Measurlogic Products?

At Blackhawk, the most popular Measurlogic product is this split core 200A current transformer. It is part of Measurlogic’s MLG-WCT line of current transformers. It has an output of 0.333V or 5 amps and an accuracy within +/- 0.5%.

The second-most popular Measurlogic product is the split core 800A current transformer. It has similar properties to the one mentioned previously since both are from the MLG-WCT line of current transformers.

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