switchboards and switchgear

Switchboards and switchgear are available. Distribution panels, disconnects, and circuit breakers. For residential, commercial, or industrial sectors.


Electrical switchboards and switchgear improve lead times for applications across various industries. The Square-D low-voltage switchboards meet multiple standards, including UL-891 rating and ANSI, making them perfect for data centers, offices, and healthcare facilities.

Blackhawk Supply (BHS) offers a wide variety of switchboards and switchgear devices. They include QED (2 and 6) switchboards that support up to 600VAC rating. Additionally, Square-D switchgear devices offer excellent protection, power optimization, and energy management.


Switchboards are made for safe and effective power distribution and monitoring in different applications. The Square-D switchboards featured in our store can be redirected for use by technicians who assemble multiple switch panels.

The low-voltage switchboards found on the Blackhawk Supply store have an ANSI rating, UL 891 listing, and compatibility with various applications. They are mainly used in commercial settings to transmit power to one or more sources. The Square-D switchboards from the QED series have durable construction and long service life with an easy-to-install design.


The Square-D switchgear is designed to control, protect, and isolate power systems and other electrical equipment. The switchgear is usually made of electrical disconnect switches, circuit breakers, or fuses that are housed in a metal enclosure.

Our store features efficient and durable switchgear that can de-energize equipment in industrial environments for easier maintenance. The low-voltage switchgear we offer has ANSI protection and UL certification.

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