ZTH US    | Handheld programming tool with ZK1-GEN | ZK2-GEN and ZK6-GEN.  |   Belimo
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Brand: BelimoSKU: ZTH US

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ZTH US | Handheld programming tool with ZK1-GEN | ZK2-GEN and ZK6-GEN. | Belimo

Service Tool, with ZIP-USB functionFor configurable and communicative Belimo actuators / VAV controller and HVAC performance devices

Belimo | ZTH US
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Handheld programming tool with ZK1-GEN | ZK2-GEN and ZK6-GEN.


The ZTH directly connects to the Belimo Multi-Function Technology (MFT) series actuator. It offers you the ability to quickly change the parameters of the actuator, such as control input, control feedback, runtime, and minimum and maximum values without needing to connect to a personal computer or having another person at the front end. The ZTH does also allow users to connect the actuator to their personal computer when using the Belimo PC-Tool software. Connecting to the PC-Tool software enables you the ability to customize the actuator, conduct functional tests and provides the ability to chart trends and operations.


Item Number ZTH US
Brand Belimo
Collection Belimo AF Series
Collection Belimo AH Series
Collection Belimo AM Series
Collection Belimo EF Series
Collection Belimo GM Series
Collection Belimo LF Series
Collection Belimo LH Series
Collection Belimo LM Series
Collection Belimo LU Series
Collection Belimo NF Series
Collection Belimo TF Series
Collection Damper Actuator Accessories


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