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Belimo has been producing HVAC solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce installation costs for over forty years. Starting in 1975, the company has designed and manufactured actuators, control valves, sensors, and other related products.

Currently, the company operates in over 80 countries and is publicly traded on the stock market. Belimo spends 7% of its profits each year on research and development programs to ensure its products stay up to date.


Belimo HVAC damper actuators can be used in applications involving on/off, modulating, or communicating dampers, and life safety. They are designed to withstand a range of torques and are directly mounted onto any standard damper shaft. Convenience and ease of use are also a top priority for Belimo, as their actuators have built-in position indicators and don’t require a mechanical end switch. Belimo’s patented Power Control Delta T technology, which measures energy via an ultrasonic flow meter, is also built into its actuators.

One popular actuator design by Belimo features a conventional actuator type butterfly valve with an additional Near Field Communication feature. This allows remote users to access the actuator via a smartphone.


Belimo valves are designed with innovation in mind. A wide array of valves are sold to meet the needs of the different types of HVAC systems. Features of Belimo valves include pressure-sensitive-dependent technology such as the Characterized Control Valve (CCV), Quick Compact Valve (QCV), and the Butterfly Valve.

Pressure-independent valves are also available from Belimo. Look for the Quick Compact Valve (PIQCV), the Pressure-independent Characterized Control Valve (PICCV), and the electronic versions (ePIV).


Belimo sensors are specially designed for use in HVAC systems. They are reliable and can be seamlessly integrated into a building’s automation systems. These sensors do not require any tools for installation.
The product range includes temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, and volatile compounds sensors available in a variety of output signals to meet system requirements.


Among Belimo’s products in our catalog, the LF24-SR US Damper Actuator is currently the best-selling one. This model provides a spring return operation, does not require any mechanical end switches, and allows engineers to create truly automated fail-safe HVAC systems.

The second best-selling product is the AFB24-SR Damper Actuator. Running on a true spring return system, this model is equipped with a bigger torque (180 in-lb) than the LF24-SR. There’s something for any HVAC system in the Belimo damper actuators catalog!

The AMB24-3 Damper Actuator is the top-3 product in our Belimo actuator catalog. While not having the spring return operation, this model is equipped with a brushless DC motor controlled by ASIC.

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