LF120 US | Damper Actuator | 35 in-lb | Spg Rtn | 120V | On/Off | Belimo
LF120 US | Damper Actuator | 35 in-lb | Spg Rtn | 120V | On/Off | Belimo
Belimo | LF120 US
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LF120 US | Damper Actuator | 35 in-lb | Spg Rtn | 120V | On/Off | Belimo

SKU: LF120 USBrand: BelimoCondition: New

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Damper Actuator | 35 in-lb | Spg Rtn | 120V | On/Off

Damper Actuator | 35 in-lb | Spg Rtn | 120V | On/Off

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Details for LF120 US

Damper Actuator | 35 in-lb | Spg Rtn | 120V | On/Off



For On/Off, fail-safe control of dampers in HVAC systems. Actuator sizing should be done in accordance with the damper manufacturer’s specifications. Control is On/Off from an auxiliary contact or a manual switch. The actuator is mounted directly to a damper shaft from 3/8” up to 1/2” in diameter by means of its universal clamp, 1/2” shaft centered at delivery. For shafts up to 3/4” use K6-1 accessory. A crank arm and several mounting brackets are available for applications where the actuator cannot be direct coupled to the damper shaft.


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Alex H.

Great valve actuator!

Belimo’s own LF120US Control Actuators are the best control actuators anyone can possibly buy. It is properly insulated and protected, and can operate at voltages up to 120 VAC. This happens while it consumes power as low as 5 watts on its own thanks to an efficient DC motor inside it. The motor can run up to 40 to 75 seconds at a time so it could adjust quickly depending on what the actuator could control. Actual installation may vary whether you place it inside your house, or outside. When outside however, it should be installed together with the auxiliary control. It also comes with its own smart thermostat so you don’t have to deal with condensation in case the actuator gets a bit cold. Wires are good and flexible, while running time can be adjusted quite easily. The LF120US is so good that I bought more than one to cover all my house’s systems. It’s worth buying.

Mark W.

LF120 US | Damper Actuator | 35 in-lb | Spg Rtn | 120V | On/Off | Belimo

I recently bought this LF120US Control Actuator and I must say that it does perform quite well for my own heating system. It’s been performing consistently well since the old control actuators were replaced. In case you’re wondering, what makes the LF120US Control Actuator so good unlike the others? First of all, it can be installed with ease thanks to its durable and flexible 3-foot cable with copper wires and a durable conduit connector. It is insulated properly with double coating, so you don’t need to worry about getting grounded. The Off/On Control Functions can be operated either with a manual switch or an auxiliary contact. The variation in settings ensures that it can perform well even without my hands-on approach. Lastly, the LF120US Control Actuator is affordable. It has a warranty for around 5 years, and it comes with free shipping courtesy of Belimo itself. Go buy now. You’re gonna like it too.

Michael W.

Works even in a humid environment

I first arrived here in my new house a few weeks ago. I noticed that my gas system has not been performing well. The valves around the system itself were a bit defective. I decided to searched on Google for what could be the best alternatives. It’s quite closer to winter season now so I should get the right one. I’m lucky then that I found this LF120US Valve Actuator, produced by Belimo. It provides as much as 95 degrees of rotation, with attached indicators that notify the position of the valve. Its internal motor not only consumes less power, but is also electronically insulated. I can expect more protection against any grounding event. Its power supply can connect supply voltage up to 120 VAC, and it works well even in a humid environment. Running time can be adjusted using my own mobile phone. Reliable, protective, and accessible across your humble home, the LF120US is definitely worth buying.

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