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These humidity controllers by Johnson Controls are exactly what you need for your facility! We offer products from the W351 line starting at $735!


We carry six humidity controllers to help you provide the right humidity for your HVAC projects. 

At Blackhawk Supply, we partnered with Johnson Controls to offer their humidity controller models. All our humidity controls are for contractors looking for a deal with bulk packages of controllers. The minimum order is for 10-12 units.

All our models are part of the W351 and WP351 series.

Both series’ features include:

  • 5-pin connectors that eliminate wiring between modules
  • Field selectable humidification or dehumidification modes
  • Surface or DIN rail mounting

Both series have a range for the rooms’ relative humidity (RH) between 10 to 90% RH. The differential for the W351 is 2 to 10% RH, and the W351P is 5 to 20% RH.

WP351 Characteristics

While the W351 and WP351 are similar, they also have a number of separate features that make them unique products.

WP351 includes additional features like:

  • Adjustable differential and setpoint
  • Field selectable proportional only or proportional plus integral control ten
  • Segment LED displays percent of the output signal
  • Minimum output adjustment

W351 Characteristics

The W351 helps with the humidity control for modulating steam valves that work on fluid heat exchanger, boilers, and other commercial applications.

Standard applications for the W351 include:

  • Computer rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing process
  • Space humidity
  • Humidity monitoring and display
  • High/low humidity alarm indication

Do you have additional questions about the HVAC Humidity Controllers?

Both the WP351 and the W351 series humidity controllers help you manage the ever-changing humidity in your HVAC systems. Choose the series that works best for your needs.

Let us know how if you have any questions about how the HVAC humidity controllers help with your next HVAC project. Contact Blackhawk Supply at 847-773-0645, so we can answer your questions today.

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