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Veris Industries

More About Veris Industries

Why Buy Veris Products?

Veris Industries is a Portland, Oregon supplier of energy, control peripherals, and environmental sensors.

Founded in 1992, they are a leading supplier in the commercial HVAC industry. Veris has certifications for the ISO 9001 standards for providing quality customer service as well as ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001 for implementing safety, health & environmental procedures.

Veris employees work under a customer-centric and result-oriented business model. The company offers their customers the latest cutting-edge technology as well as fast and flexible delivery times.

The company offers a simple five-year warranty on all Veris products along with assistance from a full-time technical support staff. When you purchase from Veris, you are guaranteed to get a high-performance product that meets stringent quality control standards.

What Veris Products are Available?

Veris Industries has seventeen different product lines, some of which are for current monitoring, leak detection, occupancy sensors, power sources, relays, and accessories. Custom-built products are also available to meet specific needs and standards.

At Blackhawk, we carry over four thousand Veris products organized into over thirty different categories. Some of these categories are circuit breaker, coil, current type, current core, meter type, power monitoring, and pressure range.

Each group is further organized into different subcategories so you can filter the products to find one that meets your needs.

What are Some Popular Veris Products?

The most popular Veris product is this 100 Ohm converter. It is a precise device that can function at temperatures from -58 to 122°F.

The second-most popular product is also a 100 Ohm converter similar to the one above. However, it has different temperature ratings and can function at 0 to 250°F.

The third-most popular product is this pressure dry panel with an LCD indicator. It has an excellent tolerance to overpressures and high accuracy digital sensors. Its built-in LCD screen simplifies the set-up, troubleshooting, and measuring processes.

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