H735 | Current Switch/Relay Combo | Solid Core | SPST | Veris
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Brand: VerisSKU: H735

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H735 | Current Switch/Relay Combo | Solid Core | SPST | Veris

Veris | H735
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Details for H735

Current Switch/Relay Combo | Solid Core | SPST


The Hawkeye Relay Combination Series is the ideal solution for the automation installer. These units combine a current switch and relay into a single package, reducing the space required for total control of fans and pumps. The current switch and relay operate independently of one another. These devices allow start/stop control and status monitoring with one device instead of two.


  • Starting/stopping and monitoring positive status of motors 
  • Detecting belt loss and coupling shear


  • Combines command relay and fan/pump status sensor in a single, easy to install unit
  • Reduces number of components installed...fits better in small starter enclosures
  • Detect belt loss and motor failure...ideal for fan and pump status
  • H748 and H948 feature a SPDT command relay...control two outputs with a single relay
  • Bracket on H938, H948, and H958 can be installed in three different configurations...added flexibility
  • Reduced charges from electrician
  • Relay and status LEDs for easy setup
  • Polarity insensitive status output...fast and easy installation
  • Adjustable setpoint for current sensor status...fits many applications
  • 5-year warranty


Item Number H735
Brand Veris
Current Core Solid Core
Manufacturer Veris
Sensor Current Switch (Hawkeye)


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