C-2320-L | Preset, 0.45-50A, split core | Senva Sensors
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C-2320-L | Preset, 0.45-50A, split core | Senva Sensors

Senva Sensors | C-2320-L
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Details for C-2320-L

Preset, 0.45-50A, split core


    The Autoset™ line offers unparalleled installation ease for proof of flow status applications for constant volume motors and pumps. Sensor automatically adjusts to detect motor undercurrent conditions such as belt loss, coupling shear, and mechanical failure on fans and pumps. Eliminates the need to calibrate in energized enclosures while reducing installation time.


    • Detecting belt loss, coupling shear, and mechanical failure on fans and pumps
    • Monitoring status of industrial processes
    • Monitoring status of critical motors

    Features and Benefits

    Self calibration for proof of floor on fans and pumps

    • Safer: Eliminates calibration in energized enclosures, reduces arc flash hazard
    • No need to return to calibrate—saves time and money
    • Sensor is always properly adjusted—no call backs
    • Proprietary design dynamically adjusts, eliminating call backs due to air balancing
    • Self learning--no time consuming training required
    • Push-button and LED interface:
      • Slow blink = normal operation
      • Fast blink = alarm
      • Fast learn mode (optional): Press/hold button 1 second, LED makes 2 fast blinks.
      • Go/No mode (optional) : Press/hold button 5 seconds, LED makes 3 fast blinks.

    Split-core with optional command relay

    • Easy installation and provides stop/start/status in unitary device—saves component and installation space/cost

    Maintenance-free—no call backs

    • Superior to differential pressure sensors


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    Senva Sensors
    Current Core
    Split Core
    Senva Sensors


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